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The Configurable Reading Lamp

Made by the company that supplies task lights to the U.S. military, this pliable lamp holds any loop, curve, or angle to provide crisp reading light wherever it's desired. The lamp's 34" gooseneck is made from brass-coated coils that will never slip out of place or droop like typical lamps. The gooseneck is encased in high-impact polyamide that's impervious to dust, oil, and moisture.
Bedtime Reader's Nightstand
Bedtime Reader's Nightstand

This nightstand's six open shelves keep your bedtime reading material organized and easily accessible. The nightstand helps reduce clutter and holds enough newspapers, magazines, and books to sate even the most voracious bedtime reader. The shelves are open on two sides, allowing you to easily stack or remove reading material.
Reader's Rotating Bookcase
Rotating Bookcase

This bi-level bookcase rotates 360 degrees to provide easy access to reading material. A simple turn spins the bookcase so you can browse all of its contents. Capable of holding twice as many books as traditional bookshelves of the same size, the revolving unit has two 11" tall circular shelves that accommodate paperback novels or unabridged dictionaries.

Savannah Bird Girl

Available in
37.5 inch tall
and 28 inch tall
and 15" inch tall version

In 1936 Sylvia Shaw Judson sculpted the now famous Bird Girl standing five feet tall and cast in bronze. One of the four commissioned sculptures stood in Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery until 1994 when a photo of The Bird Girl appeared on the cover of the best selling novel Midnight in the Garden of Good Evil by John Berendt. And suddenly overwhelming notoriety. Exclusive licensing agreements granted by the estate of Mrs. Judson gives you the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of The Bird Girl in your home or garden. Made of resin material.
Cat Reading a Book Shelf & Desk Accessory Figure
Cat Reading a Book Shelf & Desk Accessory Figure

Cat lovers and bookworms, unite! Just like you, she loves getting her paws on a good book! Resin kitty figure with the look of hand-carved wood is the purr-fect desk accessory or bookshelf sitter. About 4.75"H.
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