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Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil
by John Berendt

In this true account of a high profile murder case, John Berendt describes the events and characters surrounding the shooting of a young man in a grand mansion by Jim Williams, a high society antique collector. The story revolves around the killing but at the same time is filled with colorful characters and anecdotes of life and society in Savannah.
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Reader Reviews:

Sharon (August 2000)
I am sorry to say that I really did not enjoy this book very much. Perhaps it was a case of false expectations, I expected it to be more of a murder mystery than it was. I realized once I began reading that this book is more of a commentary on the town of Savannah. I found some of the characters and stories to be slightly entertaining, but the overall feeling was... why am I being told about this? The storyline was constantly diverging into areas that had nothing to do with Jim Williams or the death of Danny Hansford. But, as I said before, I guess I was mistaken in believing that this was the central focus of the book. Many people have said that this book gives a real sense of Savannah and many have since wanted to visit Savannah after reading it, I am NOT one of them! Based on Berendt's description it is a town full of very nicely restored old buildings, but upper-class snobbery and bizarre characters seem to abound! I know that many people have read this book and loved it, if you are one of these people, please do submit your opinion of the book and enlighten me on what you liked about it!