Detect and Remove Parasite Software on Your Computer

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What is a Parasite Program? It is a program that is usually installed without your knowledge (or in the "small print" of a program you have installed) that may be doing any of the following:
  • Recording and transmitting information about your browsing habits
  • Recording and transmitting keystrokes and information entered in forms
  • Serving you with pop-up ads as you surf the net (including adult/porn ads)
  • Slowing down your system
  • Hammering your ISP/server with repeated data transmissions
  • Altering the settings in your browser and your computer
  • Diverting you to sites you did not intend to visit (including adult/porn sites)
  • Changing the content of the web sites you visit
  • Stealing from the web sites you visit

How Can You Protect Your Computer from Parasites? This page will detect and report some parasites... just scroll to the bottom of the page to see the report. Details should appear, along with links to The script on this page only detects a handful of programs compared to the thousands that are out there. You may still be infected even if the report is blank.

If you think you might have parasite software on your computer, here are some other resources for detecting, removing and preventing parasites that I have found to be effective:

  • Spy Sweeper by Webroot -This is a very effective spyware/adware remover, and it is very easy to download and use. It will sweep your entire computer and check for literally thousands of unscrupulous programs. Download the free trial to see if it can help you.

  • Spyware Eliminator by Aluria - A commercial product that will scan your computer for current spyware and adware that may be installed and remove it. A free scanner is available.
  • Ad-Aware by Lavasoft - Ad-aware is a free and easy-to-use program designed to scan your computer for ad-supported software components or "scumware" and remove them. Ad-Aware Plus is another product by Lavasoft which will is available for purchase to help prevent future infections.
  • Spybot Search & Destroy - a free program (donations accepted) that does a good job removing parasites.

How did you get infected? Sometimes, just visiting an unscrupulous site can infect a computer. Most likely the offending software arrived along with "freeware" that you downloaded. Millions of people agree to terms-of-service contracts they didn't read and are later surprised to find their computers are being used by little-known companies to distribute advertisements, monitor online behavior, or use their processor and bandwidth. Some of these "free" programs install additional software on the user's computer. Besides degrading performance, these parasites can cause errors, open security holes, and alter affiliate links.

I feel your online privacy is important and that you may not be aware that these parasitic files can invade your privacy and use your pc resources without your knowledge. I hope you have found this information both interesting and informative. I am taking these measures to stop these unscrupulous software developers from using surfers for spying and theft of their system resources. If you have been re-directed to this page from a shopping page, I apologize for this inconvenience, and hope you will return to The Book Venue when you have removed the software from your system.

I am currently testing this detection script on a small number of pages, but I plan to implement it throughout the site, please send me any comments you have about this page. I am interested in your feedback!

Details about your browser infection should appear here:
*** Start report ***
*** End report ***

"...Spyware removal tools are as important as firewall and anti-virus packages these days." - Konstantinos Karagiannis, "Sweeping for Spies, Improved" PC Magazine September 16, 2003