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Chimney Sweeper's Boy

When I read the quotes on the cover of this book like: "gripping", "ingeniously constructed mystery" and "impossible to put down"... I believed them and thought I was in for another great mystery from Barbara Vine! Alas, I was disappointed as I halfheartedly made my way through this book.

I found it hard to relate to any of the characters and had no empathy for them. The "mystery" of the plot was hardly compelling and I nearly gave up on the book halfway through.

I did finish and I admit that by the end I could appreciate the story and the characters a bit more, but my overall feeling for this book is one of detachment and disappointment.

Submitted by Sharon, posted on Friday September 14, @06:09PM

Re: Chimney Sweeper's Boy

I've read this novel a couple of years ago and it really has an awful conclusion... At least it is not a story easily forgotten.
I liked it because it is well-written and constructed and the ending came as a surprise but I generally prefer novels dealing with less disturbing subjects.
This is definitely not my favorite Rendell/Vine book...

by Marie on Thursday November 07, @05:09PM

Re: Chimney Sweeper's Boy

It's a great look at how women are affected by their husbands, fathers, lovers, etc. but it's not really a mystery in the true sense of the word. Although it was written by a woman, you seem to have sympathy with the protaganist in the story(although he dies at the end of the fírst chapter). He was an asshole, because he used all the people around him, but we are all supposed to feel sorry for him.

by beginner's luck on Tuesday January 13, @03:55PM

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