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A Prayer For Owen Meany

I've just finished owen meanie, and really enjoyed it. it was the sort of book that you look forward to picking up again, like chatting to an old friend!

Submitted by Maisie, posted on Tuesday January 29, @04:33PM

Re: A Prayer For Owen Meany

It is one of my all time favorites! There are several books by him that I love, and many that I don't! "Cider House Rules" is another good one.

by Storm on Tuesday June 10, @04:32PM

Re: A Prayer For Owen Meany

(This is my first time in a chat room. I'm a new book venue member.) I greatly enjoyed Owen Meaney, my first Irving novel. I read it about two years ago. It was a selection of a book group I'm in and I was puzzled by the fact that most members didn't like it. I thought it was an excellent study of the subjects of friendship, loyalty and love. I was completely engaged and moved by it. And I just read an interesting interview of Michael Caine in AARP magazine which reminded me I must read Cider House Rules.

by laura on Wednesday June 11, @07:56PM

Re: A Prayer For Owen Meany

The World According to Garp is also an excellent Irving novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. (the movie was not as good, although they did a good job with Cider House Rules). I've never been here, either, but I loved to read so much, and I was wishing we had a book club in my community. Some of Irvings novels aren't very good, though. (in my opinion) I did not like "The Fourth Hand", for instance, or "A Widow for One Year". I could never get into that other one, either...the one with the incest. Can't think of the name of it. Oh--"Hotel New Hampshire". I agree, Owen Meany was great. And the way he talked in all caps just cracked me up!

by Storm on Thursday June 12, @05:10PM

Re: A Prayer For Owen Meany

Owen Meany is one of the most endearing characters ... the way he talks especially. While I read this book, I wondered at times where it was going. But when it was finished, I missed the book, and Owen.

I didn't know that he wrote The World According to Garp, too.

by Sharon on Tuesday June 17, @09:51AM

Re: A Prayer For Owen Meany

When I read A Prayer for Owen Meany, I thought it was so deep. I was sure it meant something. Then, later, I read an interview with John Irving, and he said that it didn't mean anything! Oh well. It was still a great read!

by Storm on Tuesday June 17, @07:32PM

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