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A Walk to Remember - the ending

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Discussion Starter for "A Walk To Remember" by Nicholas Sparks

The ending of the novel is purposely ambiguous. What did it mean to you and why?

Should the ending have been spelled out more clearly?

Please note: The remainder of this post and it's replies may contain spoilers, don't read any further if you don't want to know about the ending!

If you believe Jamie lived, what does that say about the story and themes? If you believe she died, what does that say? How do they differ?

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Submitted by Sharon, posted on Friday June 07, @10:43PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I've been trying to find other people onlne to discuss the ending of A Walk to Remember. Personally, I think she lived.... there is a lot of evidence in the book to prove it. While it never says she did die it neither says that she didn't. I know it is open to interpretation, but I feel strongly about it and would love to discuss further.

by Amy on Monday February 09, @08:01PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I couldn't put the book down, i cried at the end although some of my friends didn't get how the title fit in with the story until i explainedit to the that is. althouth Jamie died i hope that nicholas sparks is or will plan on a second either the friends of landon's pt. of view or something close to it. although the book is different from the movie both are equally tearjerking. if you like one of them i suggest the other also because i first saw the movie and saw everyone at school reading the book so i went out and got the book.enjoy

by amanda on Monday April 19, @11:55AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

the ending proves to me that she lives and i will tell you why: throughout the stor, there is a recurring motif of a miracle. the book states :only a miracle could save her" "she prayed for a miracle" and then at the end HE says "but i never took off my ring because miracles happen." the only reference to miracles had been a miracle saving her, and i think people who saw the movie first have skewed opinions becuase in the movie they say "you (referring to landon) were her miracle." i think sparks just wanted readers to dig for it, and i think that made me get more out of it.

by leila on Tuesday June 15, @09:05PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I think the miracle may not be that she lived, but that they both had the chance to love.

by Kat on Friday March 25, @10:59AM

A Walk to Remember - the ending

I had to reread the ending a couple of times to decide on what i thought happened. And i think that she lived because a couple pages after she told him that she had leaukemia it says only a miracle can save her and other stuff about miracles. Also at the ending it said "I still love her, you see, and ive never removed my ring, In all these years ive never felt the desire to do so." So that also says shes alive because he still loves her and never took off the ring cuz shes still alive. I guess you can lean towards a different ending but i like this ending so im sticking to it

by Katie on Monday August 08, @02:52AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I agree with leile. The repetitive motif of a mircle needing to happen was hidden at first. However discussing it with several friends who read it, re-read it and read it a few more times, waited a while then read it again, the miricle motif kinda stands out.

Three years afterwards and read it again and i agree that Jamie lived in the end.

by Snipper on Tuesday August 23, @09:05PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I don't think she died. I mean, there's not a single word mentioning her death. Landond also said, "only miracles can save her", and the ending said, "miracles do happen." Whatever it is, but I didn't think she died. If she really did, Nicholas would have had described the feelings Landon felt when Jamie died. He wouldn't have missed that shot. Landon said that he couldn't find any reasons why he should take out the ring, and I guess maybe that's because they're married and lived happily together all along. What's the point of taking out the ring? But if she were to have died, Landon might marry again, and he'll be hesitating which ring to where...something like that. I don't know, but personally, I think miracles happened in the book. Someway somehow, maybe it's the medical equipments and all that Landon's father provided that helped Jamie. That maybe the reason why he got along again with his dad. Also because of that Reverend Sullivan forgave Landon's family. I don't know. It's just an opinion though.

by engz on Wednesday August 24, @05:16PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I haven't read the book but i have seen the film. This is now my faveourite film for its beautiful ending and how she changed him from popular cool guy to abitious, star gazing lover to jamie sutherland! she is such a beautiful girl but people dont see past her book reading and drama club ways to the kind gentle person inside! the ending was clear once landen found out jamie had luchemea she was going to die. i was very shocked when landen proposed to her and she said YES! she wore a beautiful wedding gown and he was looking good too in a bronzed suit.the story was magical and the story could not be better than what it is.He loses all of his populat friends for the love of his life.The beggining of the story was very unfair. Making a boy jump into a water from such a height wasn't the best idea.The way landen tricked him was horendous. please reply to my responce thankyou charli x

by xxcmpxx on Thursday April 06, @05:20AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

The story is so wonderful and the ending was great that even though she died, in his heart she still lived, and even though he moved on he still never took off the ring.The best experience on the whole was the love for each other, its amazing.
I have given the book to alot of my friends, and when i ask them how the book was they just cried its beautiful was their repply.

by keith.fletcher on Saturday April 15, @03:20AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

The book "A walk to remember" suggest that she dies on three peieces of evidence the first being that the book begins with and older Landon Carter talking about his first love and how it changed him. It is based on the notion of a memory to which he tells a trgic and inspring one. Had Sparks wanted Jamie to live surly she would have been mentioned not only in the memory but also when Landon first starts talking. The second piece of evidence is found from the fact that Jamie was supposed to be based and dedicated to Sparks sister who also died from cancer. The final piece of evidence is in the movie. Jamie is said to be dead plain and simple in the movie "we spent the summer together, with more love than lots of people know in a life time. Then she went, with her unfailing faith" since Sparks had a fair bit of involment in the production of the movie and it was intended to be a creitable representation of the book (wich it was) i dont think he would have aloud them to say she died unless that was his orginal intention.

by Charli on Sunday April 16, @08:26PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I am still confused about the ending, but i'm just going to say that she lives. I read it one night, and I did smile, then cry, just like the author explained it. I couldnt put the book dow, literally. I stayed up from 3am-7am readin it, and i loveee it. I have always hated books, but this one truly touched me:], and im only 14. I cant get the book outta my head. SO i really dont know the end, and i think thats why its stuck in my head. all i know is that im nowobsessed with it & wanna see the movie, but it cant be better then the book.

by amanda on Tuesday July 24, @09:26PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Well I think she died even if I wanted her to live.Noone can have leukimia one day and the next their cured.Even if there has been such an incident I never Heard of it.In my heart I want her to live but In reality I know she died.By The word "miracles"i think what nicholas Sparks meant was the miracle of first everlasting love. {there should be a sequal to this book} But then again this is Spark's talent of confusing the reader yet making them exhilirated by the text.

by Alexa Rodriguez on Monday July 30, @01:37PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I firmly believe that Jamie Sullivan had survived. Like Jamie, I believe that everything was under Lord's plan, and God had been the one hinting Landon to attempt something more for Jamie all along. Landon had finally located God's answer to him while reading the Bible, "I am not commanding you, but i want to test the sincerity of your love by comparing it to the earnestness of others." And finally, the biggest hint, "miracles CAN happen." I have no doubt that the "miracles" indicated here does not mean everlasting love, but Jamie's recovery.

by Kielly on Wednesday August 01, @10:52AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Maybe jamie did survive because as i was reading the book it said in a line when landon couldn't find a date he said"nothing to boast to your grandchildren" i thought maybe he had children and his children had children i don't know i just don't want jamie to die!!!!!!!!! n she always belived in god so maybe god didn't let her die.NAywayi found a website where nicholas sparks himself answers the question of wether or not did jamie die and he wrote that he purposfully meant to confuse the reader because he did not want to write directly saying that jamie he didn't intend for jamie to live or die he said it was up to us as for me i think she died.

by Miss Tiny on Saturday August 18, @04:23PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

my bad in my last line i meent she lived.well anywat the website where you guys could check the website out is :

here you could find the answers 2 frequently asked questions

by Miss Tiny on Saturday August 18, @04:28PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending


by norma mora on Wednesday September 19, @12:47PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

well I see the movie and now iam reading the book, I think that the movie is so good and the book to.the ending is sad because jaime dies.

by bianca on Wednesday October 31, @01:04PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I loved this movie and book they both truly are hopless romantic! and who doesnt love that!!!

by nica on Monday November 26, @09:23AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i have watched the movie
and literally balled my eyes out
i just couldnt stop crying
after loving the movie so much
i ordered to read the book
so i hope the book is as good and touching
as the movie
and from reading the replies i cnt wait to read it
and for the people who have read the book and not the movie, although movies r never as good as books u should defintly rent this movie one night

by alicia on Thursday January 10, @11:54PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I don't know really. I do think that she lived. When he found out she had leukemia it says over and over again in the book that he was praying for a miracle. The last line in the book is "There's something I haven't told you: miracles can happen." But thats what I think personally. My mother doesn't think she lived. In the movie, its clear that she doesn't. But that doesn't mean that the book and the movie endings are the same right? I don't really know. The only way we can ever find out, is to ask Nicholas Sparks himself. Lol.

by Lexi on Saturday May 17, @10:07PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I was inclined at first to think that Jamie died, but what really grabbed my attention and changed my mind was when he said he never took his ring off in 40 years.

Now don't you think that if he'd moved on and married someone else he would've worn a ring that his NEW wife had given him??? He didn't take it off because she didn't die. They remained married and at some point, the miracle he'd been praying for happened.

I think what helped the situation was when his dad paid for the medical equipment and the medical care and that it changed her prognosis.

by Courtney on Monday May 26, @07:48PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I just finished reading the book. One word can describe how i felt: Amazed. Such love and wonder and heartache in just one small novel. The best iv ever come across.

I believe Jamie lived longer, but still died after time. He kept his ring on as she was his saviour, and i dontthink he had the need to love anyone else after her.

Just as Jamie dedicated to staying strong and dealing with having to miss out on life, Landon also felt happy with missing out on loving anyone else again.

He literally completed all of jamies wishes within the book. The only one we didnt hear about was what he became after all these years. I think he became a reverand like Jamies father. She did say she believed he would be great as people would listen to what he has to say.

But this is just my opinion. Personally i feel that Jamie as a character inspires me, and shows me that i should always have faith in God.

by Demmi on Saturday June 07, @05:10PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

She does pass away. It is a true story.

by LIOTB on Sunday August 24, @06:34PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I personally was skeptical to the thought of Jamie living. I really was conflicted. Either way, the story was amazing and had me BAWLING, and truly changed my view on life forever. After rereading the beginning and ending of the book, I have yet to concluded whether Jamie lives or dies, but realized that it wasn't important. The story was really about their love and nothing else mattered, not even the end. I just hope that one day I can manage to find someone who will love me this much.

by lindsey on Sunday January 11, @04:49PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Author left this myth to us because there's no such a certain answer.
We really don't want Jamie die. And after finished the book, we really fell in love with her, with their love. You can say she died because the disease was really serious. You can say she was still alive. Personally, I will say she was alive (I hope so). But I really don't know what's gonna happen in the real life. Maybe . . . miracle happens?
I understand the ending as two parts. Jamie didn't die, and the most important, Jamie made the world more beautiful, more peaceful, and (I think) the redemption of Landon and his family.
The ending is just as the author, Nicholas Sparks, said, "If you wanted Jamie to live, she lived. If you knew that Jamie would die, she died."

by Rain Zhou on Friday January 30, @05:23PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i am still not convinced about what happened,i wish there was part two of the story because i was just so eager to know. I believe she died,the end really made me cry a lot,i never wanted her to die,i wonder where she was if she did not die.

by rose on Friday March 20, @06:36AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Well, Nicholas Sparks wanted the readers to decide if Jamie would live or die. He was being criticised so much for having some characters in his other books die, that I guess he wanted it to be all up to the readers. It's really up to you if Jamie lived or died.

by jelly on Saturday April 04, @01:40PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i believe that jamie did die and i think that landon never remove his ring because his love for her still remained and he never had to remove his ring. the miracle was his transformation.

by awtrlvr on Friday April 17, @07:53AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

It came on t . v yesterday , i watched it and I cant get it out of my head now.
For some reason I dreamed about it too. I dont think i've cried so much in my life . Definatly the best film i've ever seen .
I just wish Jamie and landon's love could be .. real :|

by Brittany on Monday July 27, @06:31PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I dont know if this has already been said, but my opinion is that it was a miracle she survived long enough for them to actually love and marry. That was Jamie's prayer and hope in life, not surviving.

by Kendrik Ogren on Friday August 07, @11:27PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I think Jaimie lived!! Because near the ending, Landon keeps on mentioning miracles and he waited for the miracle to happen. The last sentence answered our question whether Jaimie lived or died...

" I still haven't told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen."


by Christine Palcone on Saturday August 08, @05:59AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I am way behind the times but I've just read this book and I believe that Jamie lives. There are several places in the book where miracles are mentioned and about how Landon is Jamie's miracle. The very last page of the book says that he now has a reason to believe that miracles do happen. I loveLOVElove this book and would recommend it to anyone! Sparks, if you're reading this, COME OUT WITH A SECOND BOOK DANG IT! Seriously, the title could be A Life To Remember or something like that... I think I speak for the whole when I say that this book would sell phenomenally!

by KatieLou on Thursday August 13, @12:12PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Like many, I personally think she DID live, but she lived in his HEART. Ofcourse, she died because of her sickness, but for Landon, Jamie lived in his heart."I still love her, you see, and i've never removed my ring, in all these years i've never felt the desire to do so." He is obviously still inlove with her, and as I said before, shes alive, in his heart. Shes alive inside of him.

by Michelle on Sunday October 25, @09:23PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

She definetly lived in the book but not in the movie. The book and movie had me in tears. he's such a great writer.

by loretta on Saturday November 07, @09:50AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

As much as I would love for Jamie to live, in the book it says, "These day it might have been different. These days they could have treated her. These days Jamie would probably live."

by Joe on Sunday November 08, @06:20PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i think she the movie for the ending when landon visited jamies dad he said that Landon was her miracle.and going back to the book and the miracle thing going all throught out the whole book.i'm pretty sure he lived.

by chelsea on Friday December 04, @02:07AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

She died in the movie.... His words explaining that.....The movie does not show Jamie die. You only know this because after the wedding scene, Landon had a voice over explaining that they had the summer together before she finally died. The book goes into a bit more detail.

by Anoob on Saturday December 05, @12:31AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

ok i had to re read the book many times and i belive that she lives he metions micrales often in the book and hw she neded one and langdon said he didnt belive in micrales but and the end it says i now belive in micrales and i saw a interview with nick sparks and he said he left the end that way so peple dont know if she lived it is ment for us to decide i dont think either answer is write or wrong it is just a matter of personaL taste it is bacicly if you are a glass haflf full kind of person and that has to see the good in everyting then you probly think she lived but if you are a glass half empy kind of a person and is more realisk you might think that she died that my vew of it also i have to have some hope that she didnt died because it is so horrible to think she died at such a young age these are just my toughts P.S i know i spelt many things wrong that is my worset flough is that i am a horrible spellier

by cristen on Wednesday December 23, @07:20PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I think she died. because of the fact that he says i have never token the ring off, i never felt the need to do so. why would he even think about taking the ring off if she is alive. Plus the movie said she died and sparks helped them make the movie too. also the book was based on his sister that died of cancer. i think he just added the mircales can happen is becasue of how she changed him. he wouldnever would have been like he was if it wasnt for her so she was his miricale. also she would never would have done everything she wanted in life if he hadnt come so he was the mircale she was praying for that happened in the end.

by Kayla on Monday December 28, @10:23PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i have thought about this many of times. i am undecided right now but i have many thoughts on it. Well i am sure i am forgeting many of them but here is a start...thou i have more reasons for her to die i seem to cant come to that conculsion when i read my reasons for her to live i just cant ingore them. i guess i am like the author in that way. if i am think locally she dies but yet i still hope she lives...

Lives: he says only a mircale could save her then he says i now, by the way, believe that miracles can happen.

Lives: thou most people think that the mircale is that she lived becasue of thats what she prayed for but if you look closer she prayed for Landon to come because she wanted to get married and fall inlove before she died not live but Landon did pray for a mircale for her to live.

Lives:he says that if he could rewind time he would remove the saddness but that would remove the joy to, well i think he meant that if he removed the saddness because there was no need for it becaus she lived and also that the joy that she survived would be gone too which is what he said.

Dies: her illness is serious and has no cure. plain and simiple.

Dies: if she i alive why would he even metion that he had no desire to remove the ring well if she is alive then he wouldnt even say anything about that duh he would have the ring.

Dies:the author intended for her to die in the end anyway.

Dies:the authors inspiration came from his sister that died of cancer too.

by Kayla on Tuesday December 29, @09:14PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I just recently completed the book and personally believe she did live. Even though in the prologue it talks as if it where a thing of the past; Landon could be just reminising on the memories of how he almost lost the love of his life. Like many have pointed he still dons the ring he recieved from her when they got married. If he would have moved on; logically what woman would have been very happy about him wearing a ring from a past marriage. With the people who's opinion sway the other way I see were you could get your idealogy also. The one key factor that keeps my opinion strong is; in the book it is stated that "only a miracle could save her" in the closing sentences Landon says "I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen." This says to me that a miracle did occur and she lived.

by Holden on Wednesday January 06, @04:36PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Kayla just one thing with ring, and how he had no desire to remove it. This is just an opinion couldn't it be that; he had no regrets for marrying her, so he had no desire to remove the ring.

by Holden on Wednesday January 06, @04:43PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Jamie Died!!!!!! Anyone that says she lived hasn't read the book in quite a while.. I finished it in under 8 hours.. In the book it specifically quotes "I know if Jamie had had her cancer now, she would have lived..." WOULD HAVE she the end of the movie, the dad says "I know Jamie would've been proud of you.." when Landon tells Jamie's dad about him getting into medical school. I just now finished reading the movie, and I just read the book 4 days ago and it is fresh in my mind. For serious JAMIE ELIZABETH SULLIVAN DIED IN THE END! all the evidence is there....I believe in miracles, but this is a book and the facts are clearly stated that she died, the only reason it doesn't come right out and say she died is because then it reeally wouldn't be as good of a book without letting the reader ponder only to stumble upon the fact that JAMIE DIED! so ,yes, obviously Jamie died

by LoverofWalk2Remember on Friday January 15, @07:10PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Personally, I think that she lived because of all the talks of miracles and how miracle, to Landon, does happen in the end.. But that could go both way as to because she lived, or because he found true love. Who knows.
And also, Nicholas Sparks' other book, The Notebook, discussed about another miracle, like how Allie's Alzhemer [however that's spelled]differ from others' and how she improved so much, remember about her love for Noah.. That's another miracle of love.
Similarly, A Walk to Remember talks about the same miracle that love can do :]

by Julia on Friday February 05, @02:50PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i haven't read the book but i have watched the films by the sounds of it the book makes it sound like she did not die but in the film to me i think she definitely died which was so sad.

by molly on Monday February 15, @10:20AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i think jamie did die, because he sais that can still remember those days like there were yesterday... also he says he didn't took of the ring that means that he always think about her... and it says that she is a miracle, that means that she made him change ''to the good'', she is the miracle that made him change. She died because he says that went he dies he is going to remember that day best...i think he woudn't say that if she was a live, because they would have other cute moments together. I WOULD LOVE TOOOOO REEADDD A SECONDDD PARTTT!

by beiiz on Wednesday February 17, @07:47AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i think jamie really died in the novel...because the author, nicholas sparks, said that: "Sparks says that he had written the book knowing she would die, yet had "grown to love Jamie Sullivan", and so opted for "the solution that best described the exact feeling I had with regard to my sister at that point: namely, that I hoped she would live." maybe, the miracle landon meant is about what happened in his life because of jamie. and as what sparks said,maybe, landon hoped she would live.

by rohi amar on Friday April 23, @10:40PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i think jamie did live... because what's the point of landon emphasizing the last part saying: "I smile slightly, looking toward the sky, knowing thereís one thing I still havenít told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen." and he kept saying that only a miracle could save jamie... so, clearly, the point of that emphasis is to bring the readers to think that jamie's sickness was cured and she lived a long life together with landon..

by jade vincent on Monday May 17, @03:49AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I feel that Jamie lived. As others have stated "There's one thing I still havent told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen".

The second thing that really gets to me is that this is Nicholas Sparks. And when someone dies in the end of a book, he always makes it a point to say something like "She died in the fall, and blablabla". I've read alot of his books. And the movie, of course made her die. It's rather confusing. I do believe that she lived though. The point of this book I think...was to show that faith carried her threw her life. She believed and helped as many people as she could. And so, it was finally time for a miracle to fall upon her. Even if the disease is incurable, miracles do what doctors and medicines cannot.

by Alexis on Wednesday June 23, @09:34AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

In the end of the book, Jamie dies. I'm not quite sure about the movie though.

by India on Monday June 28, @09:29AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I just put down the book and I read it in like two days or less but in my opinion that Jamie lives because when he first knew that she was sick he wanted a mirical to save her and she never mentioned miricals *I think*
In the end he said that he believes that miricals happen so she must have lived...

by Nadia on Thursday July 01, @06:05PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Hello, yesterday i read the book. It was... so amazing. But.. I didn know what autor meant with that sentence at the end :"I smile slightly, looking toward the sky, knowing there's one thing I still haven't told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen." But after reading yours messages, I remember one thing from the book. Landon says: "These days it might have been different. These days they could have treated her. These days JAmie would probably live (!!!!!!! SHE DIED!!! :( ). But this was happening forty years ago, and I knew what that meant. Only a miracle could save her." But didn't because he says the words I've written. But what then with the miracle at the end???

by Petra on Friday July 23, @10:52AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i personal felt that the ending was hard to interperate. i am one of those people who likes things spelled out for me. Suprisingly, i happened to love the way this ended. it let my imagination fly coming up with ways to define mircale. But as a re-read the last sentence about 20 times the words "i smiled slightly looking towards the sky" stood out to me. therefore i believe at this point in time she has passed which leads me to believe that it was either their strong love or she lasted longer than expected i hope nicholas sparks comes up with another book from someone eles view or even a sequele to reviel the mystrey of how he thought it ended!

by sadie on Friday September 03, @02:03PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I loved the book so much- I actually started bawling my eyes out! I still have to see the movie though........
But I'm pretty sure Jamie does die because I think the miracle was or could be that they got to experience love and how she had changed him made him to love and respect all the simple things that life could offer.
Anyway, A Walk to Remember is such an amazing book!

by Alice on Wednesday September 08, @02:53AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Personally I think she did die)= It says in the book that Landon never removed his ring., there would be no reason to point that out if she hadn't died.

by Jasmine on Sunday November 28, @08:35PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i think she died because at the end he says i never had the NEED to take of my ring if they were married of coarse he would keep the ring on and i think thats sweet because they were so young and she died he must have not loved again since he kept on the ring i also think because its based on his sister who dies she would too and the miracle is that he came to her to make her happy befre she died with the love they shared . i am only 13 but this book was amazing i smiled and cried but landon did warn me .

by Jo on Tuesday November 30, @01:53AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Jamie should be dead, in 1950's there was not even a slightest way to cure(not even now). The miracle is she is still living in his heart, he is recollecting the whole thing happened in his past, every year probably on the day the she died, evidently he isn't married because he is still wearing on the wedding ring.

by Hemanth on Thursday December 30, @10:40AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

ya i guess she died but i really dont want her too .so for me she lives but it really made me sad i am not gonna watch the movie ill probabaly get really depressed but their love was so beautiful. i really do wish that i find someone like landon

by rowena on Tuesday April 12, @07:47PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

Well after reading this book i think that jamie survived because its clearly written in the book that miracles do happen. It simply mean that she was alive.

by Matilda on Friday May 13, @12:01AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

i think it was a good movie it showd me that thats always hope for every one and it was sad in the ending but they were happy and yeah she was scared but she was in love and happy that her love was there to help her through it it was a very good movie :)

by Ashley on Monday May 23, @09:25AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

the ending is crystal clear...
jamie never dies which is portrayed by landon saying "now i believe miracles could happen and it actually did happen" the only miracle he wished was to keep jamie alive...! ~_~

by sathish on Saturday May 28, @05:09PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I just finished the book "A walk to remember". Like all of you I couldn't put the book down. I also was confused about the ending. But one thing that did stick in my mind is when Landan said that in 1959 that doctor's didn't have the medicine they have now. So in my mind she died and he never got remarried. He only had room in his heart for Jamie!

by Cheryl on Wednesday June 01, @07:28PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

jamie's ambition is to witness a miracle and at the ending of the movie landon had a conversation to jamie's father and landon said that jamie didnt witness any miracle but jamie's father said that landon was jamie's miracle . IN THE MOVIE but i think jamie died .

by trisha marie on Thursday June 09, @09:15PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

how about we ask nicholas sparks?

by nicholas sparks on Saturday June 11, @07:11PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I believe Jamie does die even though in the book it says Landon never takes his ring off. It probably meant that he would always stay true to her and wouldn't leave her. Even though she died he would always love her and I have to agree with Charli. Jamie's character was based off of Nicholas Sparks' sister and in the movie it DOES say "we spent the summer together, with more love than lots of people know in a life time. Then she went, with her unfailing faith amd i'll always miss her. But her love is like the wind i can't see it but i can always feel it."

by Analeigh on Monday June 20, @12:08PM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

I think she did die...because Landon said that leukemia can be treated nowadays but since it was back then in 1958 there was no actual cure for it but now as I read the ending again I'm beginning to have some second thoughts...nice one guys now you've confused me -.- haha lol! Just kidding. I guess this is what happens when Nicholas Sparks makes such a great book and that we're wishing for more :)

by im-reading-here on Sunday June 26, @07:06AM

Re: A Walk to Remember - the ending

She lived... plz... i cant take this endin if she died.... :( So romantic!!!

by Sunil on Tuesday July 05, @10:30PM

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