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Pope Joan - did she exist?

Pope Joan Discussion starter:

Do you think there really was a Pope Joan?

According to the author, Joan's story was universally known and accepted until the seventeenth century. Why do you think that changed?

Why do you think medieval society considered it unnatural and a sin for women to educate themselves or be educated?

If you haven't been there, check out our Feature Page on Pope Joan

Submitted by Sharon, posted on Tuesday July 02, @12:29PM

Re: Pope Joan - did she exist?

I am skeptical, that Pope Joan Exsisted. I read the book, (very good) I, Just beleive that it is hard to conceal, if you are a woman, for that many years. I mean, the voice the hands the facial features... How can you just pretend to be a man? overnight? I dont doubt that is did happen, Its just my opionion. I also, think that like it states,, in the roman times and just up until, women got rights that Us women, are or a lesser value and bc Adam the first on this earth to be made that we (the women) were just considered the child bearer, and not much more.. I dont know, thats what I think.. I did just finish "Pope Joan" today and It was a very good book.... =)

by Mixhele True on Saturday May 28, @06:44PM

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