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An Equal Music

An Equal Music, by Vikram Seth.

I never posted a discussion starter for this book, (perhaps because I was so unimpressed with it). But it was one of our monthly selections, so I am posting one now. Post your answers, or any other comments about this book below... All of our monthly pick discussion are ongoing, so here is the starter for this pick:

Why does Julia invite Michael to lunch to meet her husband? Is Michael correct in assuming that she wants to punish him for revealing her secret?

Should Julia leave her husband to be with Michael? Are the loves she has for Michael and for her husband equally real, equally deep, equally compelling? Which should take precedence over the other? Does the fact that she has a child make a difference?

Submitted by Sharon, posted on Friday July 19, @10:58AM

Re: An Equal Music

Well, yes. Julia's being married does make a difference to the story. Very much so, indeed. Her love for Michael will last forever but circumstances and their lives are so fallen apart that they cannot be together. Her having a child makes the decision even worse that she would have to stay with her husband. However, in modern society, marriages are made and broken. So, there is always a second time around for Michael and Julia.

by Cara on Monday August 05, @02:03PM

Re: An Equal Music

I think Julia invited Michael to the lunch to show him that whatever is going on between them is not permanent. She has other life too and that he should understand the trouble she is going through to play the double life. I think Julia loves him too much to see him punished....

And should Julia leave James for Michael? I dont think so. Here is a man who ran away from her without a warning when she was his for the taking. And on the other side is a man, who inspite of not having any spectacular musical interest, stuck with her through all her problems. If at all she has a career today it is because of James and James is definitly a fixed point in her life through all her troubles.

by Vishy on Tuesday August 23, @01:21PM

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