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Lord of the Rings

Like many others, I saw The Lord of the Rings in the theatre when it came out, and enjoyed it tremendously. I had read "The Hobbit" when I was young, but never LOTR. <br>
Now I am finally getting around to reading the Lord of the Rings, I'm about 1/3 through it and I am astounded by how much more like the book than the movie!<br>
Anyone else?

Submitted by Sharon, posted on Wednesday August 21, @05:59PM

Re: Lord of the Rings

I agree, there is so much more in the book than in the movie. I really enjoyed the depiction of life in Hobbiton in "The Fellowship of the Ring".
I'm in the middle of "The Two Towers" right now... I like it a lot even though I am not usually a fantasy or science-fiction reader.
However I sometimes have trouble with names and places and I have to look at the map constantly to figure out where the characters are...

by Marie on Monday November 04, @02:17PM

Re: Lord of the Rings

I've read the trilogy several times, and have seen the movies. I definitely enjoyed the movies, but there's just no comparison. I wonder if there's any way to do it complete justice in one lifetime, though. There's so much history involved, so many languages-it would take a team of dedicated fans to pull off a movie that would satisfy even Tolkien.
But the movies are well done-the extended version of Fellowship is MUCH better, too.

by Ashley on Saturday January 11, @02:10AM

Re: Lord of the Rings

I saw Lord of the Rings when it was in theatre. I've gotten about 1/3 into "The Hobbit" but it actually bored me as i was reading. by the looks of other people's comments i assume that the book is one that has a boring beginning? and then gets better? I am a HUGE fan of the movies! I actually understand them! lol. anyone else agree?

by tricia on Wednesday January 16, @07:00AM

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