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New Meta-Novel--The Song My Soul Remembers

What People Are Saying About The Song

"This book can reveal life's deeper meanings for you."

James Redfield, Author of The Celestine Prophecy

"The Song My Soul Remembers by Jo Williams is a compelling novel about love, happiness, grief, and the journey through womanhood. . . Recommended as an especially poignant and heartfelt tale." Midwest Book Review

"This is a novel you'll want to read slowly, to savor it." John Maxim, Bestselling Author of Haven and The Shadow Box

"The Prince of Tides meets The Celestine Prophecy!" Joel Fotinos, Publisher, Penguin Putnam
And from other readers"

"No one who reads The Song will ever view his ife in quite the same way. Kathryn Wall, Author of the Penny mystery novels, Hilton Head, SC

"Unique in the world of spiritual fiction." Rev. Mark Pope, Sedona, AZ

"This book moved me in some very profound and unexpected ways." Caroline Long, Beaufort, SC

"Powerful story. Indredible imagery." Bill Englehart, Kansas City,MO

"A stirring story that awakened our souls to the deep abiding love of our Creator." Bunny & Keith Roessing, Allison Park, PA

"At last . . . a well-written novel with a metaphysical message." Rev. Margee Grounds, Unity of Savannah

"Writing The Song was the single most transforming experience of my life. I wanted to provide entertainment that would also invite the reader to assess his own life, and I wanted to share the joy and fulfillment that comes from discovering one's 'Song.'"

Rev. Jo Williams

To read more about The Song, visit Dr. Jo's website:

Submitted by Jo Williams, posted on Friday May 23, @01:14PM

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