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IIf you like an "aha" ending, check out The Bride Wore Blood

When death investigator Detective Shark Morgan is summoned to investigate the tuxedoed body sprawled across the steps of the antebellum church just off Hilton Head Island, he is unsure if he is dealing with an accident or homicide. Either way, millionaire real estate developer Marcus DeSilva is very dead.

As Morgan and his partner, Dell Hassler, begin to peel away the layers of deceit and deception surrounding DeSilva's life, one name keeps cropping up at every turn: Marissa, the widowed bride, a woman with a shadowy past, whose face has haunted Shark since he first saw it filling his television screen on the local evening news. Is she simply another unfortunate victim, or is the violence that seems to follow in her wake more than just coincidence?

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Available in bookstores in the southeast,,, barnes&, 800 libraries across the country, or order from any bookstore.

ISBN# 0-8034-9549-8

Submitted by Vicky Hunnings, posted on Saturday May 24, @05:50PM

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