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Malcolm from a Distance -- An intriguing novel

Malcolm Merrill is a successful executive at a prestigious advertising firm in Los Angeles. He has a beautiful wife, a gorgeous home, expensive cars, and power at his disposal. In short, Malcolm Merrill seems to exemplify the American dream. So what could possibly possess someone who has it all to attempt suicide?

This question is the premise of Malcolm from a Distance, a novel that chronicles the life of a man whose perfect world suddenly crumbles beneath him—a man forced to come to terms with all he sacrificed on his rise to the top: his family, his friends, and his soul.

"The characterization is powerful and I found myself totally intrigued with the story. Reading this novel turned into something fascinating that, when I had to go away, made me eager to return. Mr. Garnett is a fine writer." —Dana Brookins, Edgar Allan Poe Award winning author

“I feel the subject matter of Malcolm from a Distance is very timely,” Mr. Garnett said. “As products of our status-oriented society, I believe that many readers will identify with Malcolm’s plight. In essence, he represents the ambitious soul in everybody, as well as the ambiguous shadow that lingers behind every success story.

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Available for purchase through most online bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Books-a-Million. You can also order this title from any major bookseller.

243 pages
ISBN 0-595-19842-2

Submitted by E. H. Garnett, posted on Sunday June 22, @11:05PM

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