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Persuasion by Jane Austen

Has anyone read Persuasion by Jane Austen? What did you think of it?

I've just finished reading Persuasion. What an emotional ending, I couldn't get to sleep for ages afterwards!
When I first started reading this book, I expected to find a character like Emma (another one of my favourite books by the same author) who is someone who I think is quite modern and one can expect to find someone like her in this day and age without changing the character described in the book at all. On the other hand, the main character in Persuasion, Anne, is someone that comes across quite differently at first. She seems to be constrained by society, her father and her friends advice on matters and very reserved. But as I read more, I realised that she is just like any of Jane Austen's other characters with charm, pasion, integrity, warmth... This is a lovely, heart-warming book. Makes you believe in the strengh of love. And how nice it is to read a novel that describes personal integrity as a quality of utmost importance!

Submitted by Mo, posted on Saturday July 05, @07:34AM

Re: Persuasion

You are so right! I loved this book when I read it but then I love all Jane Austen even some of her lesser works because of her ideals and character integrity.
My all time fav is P and P but I have to give credit to Persuasion. Have you seen the BBC production...well actually there are a couple that are done very well but the person who plays Anne sister was also in the Big Screen production of Emma. Sorry I am bad at naming actors and actresses. And nothing beats the A and E version of Pride and Prejudice. I have it and just watched the proposal refusal to the end yesterday as a break from my reading. kris

by kris on Thursday July 10, @11:55AM

Re: Persuasion


I read the book well the beginning of it and if you could explain the ending to me I would really thank you.

by Amber on Wednesday May 05, @03:28PM

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