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The house on Beartown Road, A memoir of learning and forgetting

The House on Beartown Road, A Memoir of Learning and Forgetting, Elizabeth Cohen
Random House April 2003

Memoirs from the Sandwich Generation

For anyone that has recently joined the "sandwich generation" you will want to read this book. Meet Elizabeth, Ava and Daddy. Elizabeth has just moved from NYC to a farmhouse in rural NY with her husband and new baby. The American Dream --- until the phone call from her sister, "take daddy" she pleades. And so Elizabeth agrees. Daddy has Alzheimer's and Elizabeths husband promptly leaves. As Elizabeth struggles to adjust to life in the country with two charges, one who is learning and one who is forgetting. She finds herself reflecting on the importance of memories and how they define us. As Ava the baby learns her father forgets. It is the juxtaposition of minds. It is beautifully written with out self pity where some could be due. Elizabeth is my sister and I am so very proud of her for sharing this story. I have read other books with similiar stories of caring for ones parents and have gained strength and inspriation. [:)s]

Submitted by melanie, posted on Friday July 11, @06:42AM

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