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Girls In Trouble

I, like Ms. Brandeis, just discovered this wonderful site. I am a book columnist for The Boston Globe, and I am also a novelist. My last novel "Coming Back To Me," which was praised by The New Yorker, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, and more, will be out in paperback this September. My new novel, "Girls In Trouble" is being published this January by St. Martin's Press, and will be the bookclub selection for both Working Mother Magazine and ChapteraDay. It has already been praised by Margot LIvesey, Elizabeth Strout, Abby Frucht,Orange Prize winner Kate Grenville, and more. It's about the persistence of first love through time, about betrayal and open adoption.

I have signed bookmarks and postcards if anyone would like one, just email me! And I'd be happy to speak to any bookclubs via phone.

Thanks so much,

Submitted by Caroline Leavitt, posted on Thursday August 14, @09:35AM

Re: Girls In Trouble

I have just read Girls in Trouble and can not tell you how much I enjoyed it.

I am a fifty-three year old mother of three who gave birth out of wedlock to my first child. I spent months in Washington D.C. living in the House of Mercy; a home for unfortunate young women like myself. I was one of the lucky ones, getting to keep my son. This book is a different take on adoption for me. I loved it. It is written so realistically. I loved it. I feel the author must have been totally close to someone going through this situation or been through it herself.

I work for Barnes and Noble in Naples, Florida and will heartily promote this book. I am also anxious to find more written by Caroline.

Sincerely, Jean Lewis

by Jean Lewis on Thursday July 22, @03:19PM

Re: Girls In Trouble

Dear Jean, I'm the author of Girls in Trouble and I was so THRILLED to read your message! A million thanks!Having just received a letter from an adoption agency telling me such a story would never happen, I was gratified to get your letter. My husband and I tried to open adopt for a year (the two matches we found both later decided to keep the child, and we gave up for various reasons but still remain very pro-adoption) and I just couldn't forget all the young birthmothers I spoke with.

I was so delighted to hear that you found it realistic. You can't imagine how much that means to me! Please keep in touch and let me know how you like my other books. And thank you again. A letter like yours means everything to me.

Caroline Leavitt

by Caroline Leavitt on Friday July 23, @05:04AM

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