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A Journey to Hell and Back

After over 20 years of silent suffering, Charlotte Russell Johnson penned the details of the most shocking events of her life in her new novel, A Journey to Hell and Back. This gripping saga takes the reader to places that are only read about or seen in the movies. Through this compelling novel, Ms. Johnson opens up her soul, risking everything.

It has often been said that life can be stranger and more potent than any fiction imaginable. And in the case of Ms. Charlotte Russell Johnson, the statement is brought very close to home. Ms. Johnson's life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, was recently outlined in her autobiography. This gripping saga takes the reader to places that are only read about or seen in the movies. After living life dangerously close to the edge, hitting rock bottom, using faith to pick herself up again, dust off the pieces and rejoin the human race - Ms. Johnson is a firm believer that with God's help - anything is possible.

The book is a strongly written, powerful account of a life that at times is hard to believe, at intervals sad, at time-peaks encouraging and overall worth living. The Georgia native was born and raised in Public Housing. She's come a long way from her days as an out-of-control youth and a drug dealing young woman. The tremendous suffering and miraculous ending of this book will offer hope and comfort for anyone suffering from loneliness, heartache, or disappointment. It provides a realistic and human perspective on many social topics such as teenage rebellion and pregnancy, domestic violence, divorce, AIDS, substance abuse, prostitution, and the legal system.

This story is about the transformation that occurs when a young girl is introduced to the cruel harsh realities of the world in general and street life in particular. Yet, all is not lost. Following a spiritual revelation, she began a long struggle to reclaim her soul. This novel is based on a true story, although it reads like fiction. It is action packed and flows quickly. It is a great book for all ages. It emphasized the importance of family. No matter how difficult life became, her mother was constantly a loving matriarch. Pitfalls, tragedy, and trials that lure a young honor student into the mean streets of Atlanta and finally, New York mark the story. Her journey to hell led her through a fiery furnace that burned 70 % of her body with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. After miraculously being delivered from a life in the streets, her zeal for God resulted in her making additional mistakes, including renewing the abusive relationship that had almost cost her life.

A Journey To Hell and Back is filled with very vivid and descriptive writing. The book is both honest and moving. The excitement and unpredictableness of this book prevents the reader's attention from wavering. The author of this book writes very emotionally. This book possesses the potential to flood your heart with laughter as well as tears. Charlotte Russell Johnson shared her story in a way that was simultaneously provocative and reaffirming! She carried her readers on a well-orchestrated journey with many interweaves of truisms that concern this earthly existence. >The author's website is ISBN: 193152713X >

Submitted by C Brandon, posted on Tuesday September 09, @08:56PM

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