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“Soul of Work” – By S. Louise Underdahl

S. Louise Underdahl takes the reader on an adventure into the world of work. It is an activity which all of us participate in.How we react to the kind of work we do varies from individuals and the workplace.

In the world of today the education of new starters is well rounded. This presents to management a new challenge that must be resolved. Workers now have a broader expectation of what a job must consist of.
The nineteenth century saw workers as tools to serve the needs of industry.This attitude came across in the literature of the time, such as the Charles Dickens novel “Hard Times”. One of the characters in the book is a teacher at a London school with an autocratic outlook.

Mr Gradrind believed his students to be like a jug. Open the top of their head and pour in the facts. Close the lid and then push them out into the world as a complete human being, ready to fulfill the needs of industry. This attitude that people need only to work to meet the needs of industry is gradually changing. More and more employees want to have an increased ownership in the work process than ever before.

Transcendent work is a system that the author believes is the solution to this demand. To achieve a workplace that is transcendent the mix of attitude and content needs to be right. This is where the worker feels that they have input and control over the work process. Therefore they are going to have their intellectual needs satisfied, which will bring joy to their work experience. “Soul of Work” is a well-researched exposure on the true meaning of work. The author has thrown new light onto a topic thought to be dull and mundane. Work can and should be a joyful experience.

I would recommend this book to all workers and managers seeking to achieve the most out of life and themselves.

Review by Warren Thurston – Owner of Boggle Books
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Submitted by Warren Thurston, posted on Thursday November 20, @10:11AM

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