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Introducing John Fullerton


As an author of politically-incorrect, anti-war thrillers set in foreign war zones, I'd like to introduce myself and my website. I've written three thrillers, The Monkey House (Bosnia), A Hostile Place (Afghanistan) and out next year is Give Me Death (Lebanon). They're all page-turners, but very authentic (based on personal experience) when it comes to place and people. They all have a message. Should novelists have a message? I don't know. Mine do. And, as The Economist says, my books are highly plausible. I live in south London with my family and two Burmese cats. Please visit my website at and send me your views, too

Best regards

John Fullerton.

Submitted by John Fullerton, posted on Friday January 23, @11:15AM

Re: Introducing John Fullerton

I am an attorney in Cape Town seeking to make contact with a Mr John Skipwith Fullerton, previously of Cape Town, regarding the estate of the late Maryon Mason.

I can be contacted by email at

Thank you

by Neil Barton on Friday February 05, @11:28AM

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