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looking for someone to proofread edit articles

Hi I am looking for a proofreader that can correct grammer punctuation spelling etc. I will be working on a project that consist of articles submitted by emailers that I need proofed. These articles will be used in sometype of media publication. The work will be transacted through email by word documents. There will be a total of no more that 10 document pages of articles every quarter that would need to be looked at. I am a graphics web site designer and this is one project that has been placed on my lap to get started. Please reply with fees involved I will email you a word doc for proofing and we will take it from there thanx.
email me at

Submitted by manny, posted on Friday February 20, @04:24PM

Re: looking for someone to proofread edit articles

2 April 2004

Dear Sir:

I have brought out the following publications on my own, namely:

1. Handbook of Entrance Examinations and Scholarships and Fellowships (pp.1650), meant for Indian students
2. Topical Studies (pp.900) meant for candidates who take Indian Administrative Service examinations
3. Written English (pp.100) meant to improve English
4. Progressive Improvement of English and Personality Development( pp.222)

I am now exploring the possibility of associating myself with some publishers or those who are engaged in similar profession so that we may undertake such jobs as wordprocessing manuscripts in English (in social sciences, humanities, etc., not science subjects) and formatting them, using software such as MS Word/PageMaker.

This is how we shall work:

a. We will compose the manuscript through MSWord.
b. We will compare the first draft, word by word
c. We will carry out the corrections noted by us in the first draft.
d. We will then e-mail the final draft composed in MS Word.

We also accept jobs which involve thorough proofreading and some editing.

In fact when we initiated our publication programme, we had optimistically hoped that out of some profit we would be able to institute a few scholarships for the economically weak but bright students at school level. Somehow, our efforts have not borne any tangible results, but our determination to achieve our objective is firm. We hope that something pleasant will come out from our association with you.

Kindly do reply. In case our services are of no use to you, please tell us whom we should write as our potential client. Thanks.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,


NK Centre for Educational Studies
S-217 Bank Street, Munirka, New Delhi 110 067, India
Tel: 91-011-2617 3117; E-mail:

by R P Puri on Friday April 02, @03:56AM

Re: looking for someone to proofread edit articles

Hi Manny,
Are you still looking for proofreaders?
I am available, having recently started my own business in this field.
As I am new to the area, my fee is negotiable around AUS$25 per hour.
Email a sample to me and I can time it to come up with a price per page, if that is what you prefer.

by Dianne on Tuesday September 28, @05:06PM

Re: looking for someone to proofread edit articles

HI Sir,
I am avaible for home proof reading
Currently I am doing proofreading jobs
in a MNC.
If u are interested plz. mail me


my mail

by Subhash Sammary on Thursday October 07, @04:36AM

Re: looking for someone to proofread edit articles

if you are yet looking for a proof reader you could please send me a sample of the work required. am intereseted to work from home.

by anjan on Saturday November 13, @08:11PM

Re: looking for someone to proofread edit articles

My fee would be 12 an hour. If you are interested please contact me at the above Email address. I am ready and willing to take on your work.

by Catherine Benayed on Monday November 15, @05:02AM

Re: looking for someone to proofread edit articles

I'm in the US and am interested in proofreading/editing your manuscript. I charge by the piece (not by the hour). I have edited one book before and am very thorough. I also love copyediting as a hobbie and would enjoy the work.

Personna Newell

by Personna Newell on Friday November 19, @08:08AM

Re: looking for someone to proofread edit articles

sorry. I enjoy copyediting as a "hobby". See how thorough I am?

by Personna Newell on Friday November 19, @08:08AM

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