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The Prodigal Husband

I am a faithful reader of Jacquelin Thomas's books. I enjoyed reading "The Prodigal Husband".
I find it emotionally rewarding to read novels that are not written with overly sexual overtures, and "bad language" which so many readers feel that black people need to read in order to enjoy a book.

I liked the way the subject matter was handled in discussing the conflictual and troublesome relationship that Tori and Jake Madison experienced in their marriage. In reality, so many relationships fail due to someone seeking comfort in another person outside of their marriage, whether it be the man or women. I think the book clearly showed that there is hope and other healthy ways of dealing with issues than building on sexual gradification or false feelings that provide short-term comfort.

I purchased the book for my older sister and nows she has requested that I send her anything that Ms. Thomas writes.

This is a book that I feel every woman needs to read especially the women who put themselves in the position of being the other woman.

Submitted by Janet Saxon, posted on Wednesday April 21, @10:58AM

Re: The Prodigal Husband

i really enjoyed the book too. it kinda took me by surprise because im 15 years old. So to read that book kinda change my way of thinkin. Because my parents basically went through the same thing but without he death of a family memeber. I could relate to the book. i really hope they come out with a movie because i figure action speaks louder than words. It's just kind of hilarious of how i came across this day i was in class and the first 10 minutes we have to read for a grade so i found this book to to tie me over for that day so i thought. then while reading my mindframe of the book was kinda hooked so i kept reading and reading till i got in trouble for still reading when time was up. So i just wanted to give a big kudos on this book

by Jamal Zepeda on Tuesday December 12, @07:55PM

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