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Come Closer

A New Novel By Sara Gran
Soho Press, Inc * Hardcover * 1-56947-328-5

What begins as a sly fable about frustrated desire evolves into a genuinely scary novel about possession and insanity. Hypnotic, disturbing, and written with such unerring confidence you believe every word, Come Closer is one of the most precise and graceful pieces of fiction I've read in a long time.
Bret Easton Ellis

I read Come Closer on the train, in a snowstorm, on a cold December night. It was the right atmosphere for this perfectly noirish tale of madness and love. Author Sara Gran writes with scalpel-like clarity, expertly blending tones to create a new kind of psychological thriller. I loved this book. Days after finishing it, it has not left my mind.
George Pelecanos

Sara Gran has written an intelligent horror story, a literary creepshow that works its magic subtly and well. Itēs a marvel of restraint and taste, and still it worms its way under your skin and stays there.
Darin Strauss

Ideal for an evening's reading, with a kick that stays with you for days afterward.
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sara Gran's Come Closer ought to carry a warning to readers. Itēs impossible to begin this intense, clever, beautifully written novel without turning every page. A wonderful accomplishment.
Margot Livesey

[A] sparsely constructed and compellingly succinct gem of a novel . . .

Gran proceeds with such confidence that she makes an outlandish story seem credible, even sinister.
Arizona Republic

Sara Gran has a talent for finding the uneasy areas in daily life and massaging them into outright horror.
Charlotte Observer

The Yellow Wallpaper meets Rosemaryēs Baby in a slim, wonderfully eerie novel.

Come Closer is a quick read -- but not one that the reader will quickly forget. Recommended for most public libraries.
Library Journal

Like Patricia Highsmith, Sara Gran has a knack for exposing the terror that lurks beneath our everyday lives. Come Closer is a gripping, bitterly funny psychological thriller.
Jason Starr

. . . a gripping contemporary tale of terror.
Publisher's Weekly

What we think is impossible happens all the time. So claims the beguiling narrator of Come Closer, and after reading this spare and menacing tale, the reader has to agree. Sara Gran has created a sly, satisfying (fast!) novel of one young woman possessed not only by a demon but also by her own secret desires.
Stewart O'Nan

Come Closer is sharp and strange and, best of all, at the moment of truth it doesnēt flinch from its own mad logic.
Sam Lipsyte

If the novel is also tongue-in-cheek, it still thrills the hairs on the spine, and the darkness is just light enough for some laughs.

Submitted by Sara, posted on Tuesday May 25, @08:30PM

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