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Anti-Code Books and Parodies of The Da Vinci Code

Best-Selling Novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Spawned A Wave of Anti-Da Vinci Books and Parodies Like ‘The Givenchy Code’

It was fated to happen. Since Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code was published a year ago and turned into a huge best seller, numerous books have started hitting the bookshelves in hope of either rebutting the theory of this puzzling novel, riding and cashing in on the popularity of the book or just simply providing the much needed break from the stress brought about by the shocking revelation about the real identity of the Holy Grail. You snicker but because of the novel’s brilliant mixing of some fact with a great deal of fiction, there are millions out there who take the book as fact and are profoundly troubled by it.

Leading the host of anti-Da Vinci Code books, published mostly by evangelical and Catholic publishers, are such titles as “Cracking Da Vinci Code: You’ve Read the fiction Now Read The Facts”, “Decoding Da Vinci’ and “The Da Vinci Hoax: The Truth About Jesus, Christianity, Mary Magdalene and The Da Vinci Code.” All are currently selling very well on and bookstores around the world.

Then there’s the wave of books that parody Dan Brown’s best selling novel. Due out soon are “the Dali Code: A Parody” by humorist Cathy Crimmins ; a work in progress by author Julie Kenner described only as a ‘chick-litish suspense series’; and the suitably and hilariously titled “The Givenchy Code’ by author E.R. Escober. His website revealed that “The Givenchy Code” is “my humble attempt at paying homage to Mr. Dan Brown’s page-turning novel, poking benign fun at the ostensibly complex fragrance industry and ultimately, conjecturing an out-of-this- world theory of a story that the Holy Grail was indeed not a cup but a…???” ER Escober smartly left out whatever shocking parody of a revelation he has in store for the readers of his parody.

Indeed, what is it? Even more important, will book buyers care? With the success of “Da Vinci” which has led to millions of readers snapping up other works dealing with ‘The Code’, ER Escober might just find himself in the bestseller list, along with that original Dan Brown novel.

Submitted by Elen, posted on Wednesday June 30, @01:52PM

The Da Vinci Code Receives a Much Needed Laugh

The Da Vinci Code Receives a Much Needed Laugh

CHICAGO, IL—JULY, 2006— In the midst of The Da Vinci Code hysteria, a theatre group in Chicago has opted for the hysterical and put together what they deem to be “a much needed parody”.

Da Vinci Code 2: Electric Boogaloo is scheduled to open mid-August and run through mid-September in Chicago. This campy, witty and irreverent look at The Da Vinci Code pokes fun at The Da Vinci Code tale itself as well as those involved in creating and opposing both the book and the movie. Devout Christ followers, devout Da Vinci Code fans and those who know nothing about either will find it enjoyable, amusing and even a bit thought-provoking.

Matthew Moran, Founder and Artistic Director of Only a Stranger Productions, encouraged award-winning playwright John Cosper to write a parody on The Da Vinci Code in response to the overwhelming rhetoric being dished out by both Da Vinci Code fans and opponents, alike.

“It’s time to laugh about it,” said Matthew Moran. “Controversy, although stirring and powerful, can often leave us more hurt than helped and more confused than informed. Laughter and love, however, can break down barriers and bring healing. In Da Vinci Code 2: Electric Boogaloo we give people of every viewpoint an opportunity to join together for an evening of theatre where they can shake hands and laugh the night away. Even if you don’t know a thing about The Da Vinci Code you will still have a thoroughly enjoyable time!”

Only a Stranger Productions was founded as a way to broach important issues facing the religious world and provide a beacon of hope through entertaining and provocative Christian theatre.

To learn more about Only a Stranger Productions, visit:

by Only a Stranger Productions on Tuesday July 11, @01:06PM

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