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Readers Finding Authors

Find out just what Authors are brewing in their novella kitchens of their imaginations. See what plots they're cooking and enticing suspsenses they're baking! The authors have placed on their buffet: Love and mysteries flavored with science fiction and more. The menu of books will automatically display while you sit back and watch the vast selections seasoned to perfection. You will be entering a for real Book Haven, so enjoy the savory affair.

Book Haven is always working hard to help readers find authors and authors find readers. If you are a book reader, give new authors an opportunity to feed your reading appetite. If you are hungry for a fresh book then hunger no more. New authors have prepared their talents of plots and suspenses mixed with fictions and or facts. Their deliciously written books and novels are placed on an automatic book-rotator to appease your appetite. Sit back and absorb the banquet of unique books as they automatically display before your eyes. It is FREE to join Book Haven. Thank you from Book Haven.

Submitted by Book Haven, posted on Friday July 02, @07:01PM

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