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The Sea Shack by Mark McNulty

I just finished 'The Sea Shack' by Mark McNulty and it's a terrific book for the entire family. It's the story of a young boy who must reluctantly spend his summer vacation with his grandfather on Cape Cod. The book has been available through online retailers and it's just now reaching some bookstores. You can visit the book/author website to learn more at:
It was written for middle readers but the adults in my life have enjoyed it as well.

Submitted by Carolyn Scott, posted on Sunday July 18, @04:25AM

Re: The Sea Shack by Mark McNulty

This work of fiction is a wonderful book and treasured by my entire family. Mark McNulty is a local author and elementary school teacher. This debut novel has captured the imagination of veryone I know. It’s the story of a young boy who is devastated when his father must leave him for a couple of months during the summer school vacation break. Young Andrew O’Brien feels betrayed and abandoned when he must spend a summer with a grandfather he barely knows. The grandfather lives in an old sea shack on the shores of the Cape Cod national Seashore in Truro, Massachusetts. Andrew has been relatively ‘spoiled’ until this seemingly dark point occurs in his young life. The idea of spending the summer with his grandfather in this stark environment does not thrill him. He is used to having his friends and video games and whatever amuses a young boy of his age. He is thinking this will be the most miserable summer of his life and he is determined to lash out. Meanwhile, his grandfather has plans of his own. Well, the story unfolds with a few twists and young Andrew experiences a summer he will never forget.

This book is rich with compelling characters and it deals sensitively with some otherwise very emotional issues. And, it does so without being depressing. The value lessons are terrific and you learn to appreciate Andrew and “Grampy” as they get to know more about each other and themselves. The character growth is an interesting development in the story; nicely done by the author.

I understand the author wrote this book with middle readers in mind. But, this book is to be enjoyed by the adult community as well. I’m looking forward to more books from this young author.

by Myra Kelleher on Monday October 04, @11:16AM

Re: The Sea Shack by Mark McNulty

I spent 2 weeks on Cape Cod last month and had the opportunity to finally read this book. I agree that it is a great story the entire family can enjoy. I read it in 3 days because I could not put it down. Now my 12 year old son is reading it and he is also enjoying it very much. I must admit it is refreshing to see a book that appeals to both generations in my family. I went to the author's website but it seems as if it has been taken offline. I was still able to contact him via e-mail, however. I won't post that address until I have his permission, though. If you need a good story to read, this is definitely worth the time and effort.

by Tony D'Angelo on Monday August 15, @12:48PM

Re: The Sea Shack by Mark McNulty

This is a book to be enjoyed by the entire family.
Mr. McNulty was a local elementary school teacher in our community and he wrote this wonderful tale about a young boy and his grandfather. We had a personalized copy that became somewhat tattered from so many reading it (and, Iím not complaining); I just ordered a revised edition from and Iím hopeful that I can get it signed as well. The story is refreshing and real. I appreciated the many life lessons and values that are presented and we developed our own family discussion group as a result. We look forward to another summer of good books and lively discussion. This is a great forum...Thanks

by Sandra Collins on Monday July 10, @11:52AM

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