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The Secrets of Jin-shei

'The Secrets of Jin-shei' has been chosen as Book of the Month for September in the UK. The American Library Journal said the book is "sure to be popular with fans of Amy Tan (and) , Gail Tsukiyama...."

The novel by Alma Alexander has been published in U.S. and several other countries, and in four language. It is set in a mythical China and follows the lives of eight young women, bound together by the ancient custom of jin-shei, a sworn sisterhood that cuts across all strata of society, recognizing no rank or social standing.

It is "a completely magical piece of writing," says Chocolat author Joanne Harris.

"Combine 'The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood' with 'The Joy Luck Club,' add elements of 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,' and you have this astonishing novel," says China Books.

Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco
ISBN: 0060563419

Alma lives in Bellingham WA. Further information is available at email:

Submitted by Deck Deckert, posted on Wednesday August 11, @10:53AM

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