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TRESPASSING by Uzma Aslam Khan

This book was published last year in the UK where I bought it. It's coming out in the USA in October I think. It's called TRESPASSING by Uzma Aslam Khan, who is a Pakistani writer. The book is set mainly in Pakistan with some early parts in the US. It's a hell of a book and well worth reading!

There are 5 o6 main storylines that all get woven together. Daanish is a college student in the US who goes back to Pakistan for his father's funeral. He meets Dia, a girl his age whose own father died under mysterious circumstances a few years before. Daanish's mom, now a widow, is hell-bent on marrying him off to somebody (not Dia) for reasons of her own... meanwhile there's Salaamat, a poor kid from a fishing village who goes to the big city (Karachi) and gets mixed up with some kind-of-sort-of terrorists.

There's just tons going on in this book but somehow the writer manages to piece it all together and keep your interest as well as keep a few HUGE surprises for the big payoff at the end. Oh, and along the way there's some pretty heavy food-for-thought type politics that don't shy away from being critical of both the US AND Pakistan...

Hey, this book has everything. I've seen it on Amazon but it's not published until I think October 4 or 5. Highly recommended though.

Submitted by Dave Gora, posted on Saturday September 25, @10:52AM

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