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Sea Glass by Anita Shreve


Sea Glass by Anita Shreve

Sexton and Honora Beecher are newlyweds just starting out. It is the eve of the Great Depression and they have just managed to buy a "fix-it-upper" of a house on the New Hamshire coast. As the economy worsens, they become involved with the struggle of their friends who work in the nearby mill town, and they face struggles of their own...


I did not think that this was a great book, although I did get more involved as it came to its dramatic culmination. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the old house on the east coast, and I only found out later that this house is also the setting for other books by Anita Shreve. Which makes me wish I had also read them, and that I had known its history while I was reading Sea Glass. I like the idea of using the same house in different novels. Old buildings are fascinating, because really are the setting for so many stories... it appeals to the imagination!

Has anyone read one of the other novels that takes place in this house? Hopefully if I read one I will like it better than Sea Glass... what do you think?
Sharon N.

Submitted by Bookvenue, posted on Sunday October 03, @01:05PM

Re: Sea Glass by Anita Shreve

I just finished Sea Glass. Whereas I don't think it really ever hit in character-/plot-wise, I did enjoy the references to Honora's sea glass collecting - as such a metaphor for the lives in the story. It made me wonder if Shreve had her own collection of sea glass that leapt to life on the shelf.

I wanted to see Honora work out her life in view of the pregnancy and McDermott's actions just before the murder.


by Jenna on Wednesday May 25, @11:01AM

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