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Secrets and Kisses by Celise Downs

Synopsis: SCANDAL ROCKS LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL! Ever wonder how you would react
if a couple of your classmates really aren't what they seem? Find out how
Skylar Knight does during her final week in school.

Title: Dance Jam Productions

ISBN: 0-9752907-1-1

Author: Celise Downs

Publisher: Gemini Mojo Press

Binding: paperback

Number of Pages: 140

Release Date: September 2004

Synopsis: GET YOUR GROOVE ON! A local dance contest, a twisted scheme, and a
long buried secret...Find out if Mataya Black Hawk and Jarek Thanos have got
what it takes to be regulars on the hottest teen dance show in the Valley of
the Sun!

Both books are geared towards Young Adults, ages 13-18, and are on sale now
at the Publisher website. To see cover images and read excerpts, please go
to Review copies available upon request.
Thanks...and happy reading!

Submitted by Celise Downs, posted on Monday October 04, @10:26AM

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