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Mama Day by Gloria Naylor

I was wondering if anyone had read Mama Day by Gloria Naylor. I've read it recently for the second time and enjoyed it. I would be interested in hearing anyone else's response to it. I was also wondering how George saves Cocoa. I know it must be obvious, but I've read it twice, and I don't get it. Does Mama Day cast a spell? Does his death free Cocoa? Does his 'broken heart' fulfill some prophesy and heal her? If anyone has any insight, please let me know.

Thanks for your time.

Submitted by Jennifer Williams, posted on Wednesday November 10, @07:37PM

Re: Mama Day by Gloria Naylor

I have recently read Mama Day myself and truly enjoyed the story. I believe that George saves Cocoa indirectly by freeing her from him. It's one of those things you have to look into...

by Bianca Longmire on Monday March 06, @09:35PM

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