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The Price of Peace

The Price For Peace

There is a price for most everything;
There is a price for peace.
The price we pay at peaceís wage,
At times is what we weep.
For clearer skies, and tearless eyes,
Soldiers fight with no retreat.
That our eagle may fly,
again up high,
So we may embrace freedomís feat.
Some soldiers return,
rugged but saved,
Remembering those given to graves.
But when war cries ring,
the angels sing,
In honor of our brave.

Marines, they sail to unknown lands.
The Air Force echoes its sounds;
Our Army fights a rigid fight,
On unfamiliar grounds.
The Navy with its crew at hand,
Engages from afar.
While our entire nation
And their loved ones,
Send prayers to our soldiers at war.

Each tear is real, each fear is felt,
Each terror is not solitary.
United we stand in giving support
To All soldiers in our military.

(In Honor and Support of Our Troops)


Janet Markey
Author of

Revelations the Years 2000

A Spiritual Christian Journey

The Pious Head of Elysian Fields, Winding Roads

Submitted by Janet Markey (author of Revelations the Years 2000), posted on Tuesday November 23, @03:37PM

Re: The Price of Peace

Moving....very moving. Hits me deep. My father, brother and uncle were all in the U.S. Marines. My brother was killed during the rush on Fallujah by enemy assault fire.

by Ensei Tankado on Wednesday November 24, @02:01PM

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