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Below is a brief synopsis of A CHANGE OF HEART:

Ross Crass, a biased white man, is shamed by the downfall of his literary agency and the loss of his prized possessions. He bitterly surrenders to a new life in a housing project in Hartford, Connecticut. Then, an act of urban violence forces him to accept support from a community he despises, by way of two unexpected rescuers--a struggling black writer and his grandmother. Although Ross's experience appears to be an unfortunate twist of fate, a visiting angel has already described it to him as a "sentence" for change.

But why has God chosen Ross's life out of the many racists existing in the world? What role will the writer and his grandmother play in Ross's quest for change? Can Ross learn to embrace all humankind? All he knows for certain is that if he fails, he is promised an afterlife of eternal Hell.

Jermaine Watkins
(860) 268-5954
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"The energy and sheer will required to change is a struggle Watkins knows well."

- The Hartford Courant

"Jermaine Watkins has crafted a fine novel that centers not only on racism, but also on humanism. The prose and storyline are flowing, and the reader feels compassion, anger, and a plethora of other emotions while following this wonderful story. The characters had depth, and neither the concept nor the storyline were overdone. This is a fresh, new plot line, and I anxiously await the next effort from this talented author."

- RAWSISTAZ Bookclub

"Jermaine Watkins possesses a clever and poignant writing style that draws you into the story immediately and doesn't let go until the final page is turned. He is an author that will be appreciated for years to come."

- Linda Dominique Grosvenor, author of Pretty Boys and The Hamptons

Submitted by Jermaine Watkins, posted on Wednesday November 24, @02:50PM

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