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"PeaceMaker is exciting, violent, thoughtful."

"January 15, 2012

While working on the next release of the Atlas operating system, I discovered PeaceMaker, a lethal computer virus, and I have decided to do everything in my power to defeat it and expose the people who developed it. Iím scared, and I thought about walking away from it. I canít do that. Since you received this message, I must have failed.

Iím getting ahead of myself. Hereís the story. Humiliated by the federal government in an anti-trust trial that tore apart her software company, CEO Dianne Morgan has become obsessed with a plan to unleash PeaceMaker and shut down computer systems across the world. She is determined to crush the global economy unless the nations of the world agree to share power with the Domain, the clandestine organization she leads. She recruited some of the best computer scientists in the world into the Domain and these people developed PeaceMaker.

Before we go any further, I have to admit Dianne and I were lovers several years ago, and she left me because I could not control my drinking problem. I have been clean for six years and I attend AA meetings most weeks, so I have it pretty much under control.

Iím working on a method of destroying the virus, but itís going to take some time. Dianne has already murdered one of my friends because he discovered PeaceMaker, and now she has agents watching everything I do. In case she gets to me before I can attack PeaceMaker, I created this time-delayed message to alert you to the danger. Unless I reschedule this message every other day, it will be sent as a warning to you. Since you are reading this, I must have been captured or killed. In addition to my associate Dan Ronco and me, Dianne knows that you are also aware of PeaceMaker. So it's up to you and Dan.

One last thing Ė there is a mysterious third force that has discovered PeaceMaker and plans to attack the Domain. I donít know who they are, but Dianne has made a lot of enemies over the years.

The one person you can trust is Dan Ronco. He knows the entire story and can provide as much information as you need. You can contact him at to coordinate your plans, but make sure your communications line isn't bugged.

And watch out for Dianne.

Ray Brown
Chief Software Architect
Atlas Operating System

Piers Anthony --- "PeaceMaker is exciting, violent, thoughtful."
Victoria Strauss --- "PeaceMaker is a fast-paced and exciting speculative thriller."
Joe Massucci --- "For computer geeks and Tom Clancy readers alike, PeaceMaker is hard to put down."

Submitted by Dan Ronco, posted on Sunday January 30, @11:41AM

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