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MONEY SHOT By: Brian Rouff

Advertising account executive, Alan Nichols, has just hit the big one in Vegas. Not on the Strip, not on a Mega-Bucks slot on Fremont, not in any of the casinos lining the highways and byways bordering the various communities that make up one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Nope Alan stopped for a Big Fizz—lousy soft drink, but heavy on the carbonation and always good for a burp to settle the stomach after a lousy, boring meeting. He promptly tosses the “You Win” bottle cap on the floor of his car.

The bottle cap remains there until he gives, Jason, a co-worker, a ride, and discovers he has won the spot as half time entertainment in Big Fizz’s million dollar promotion at the NCAA Western Region Championship Game in Phoenix. A million dollars! All he has to do is sink a basket, in one shot, from the three point line.

Sure, a middle aged, five-foot nine, Jewish account exec, who hasn’t touched a basketball since high school, whose idea of a good workout is dragging his reluctant, ancient dog on a five-minute daily walk. No problem. Money’s in the bank.

Alan decides to give it his best and goes to his boss to request vacation time to “work on his game.” Twelve years of loyal service is rewarded with a resounding “no.” Well, he has some vacation and final pay coming and Big Fizz is paying fifty thousand as consolation if he misses. Alan walks out and heads for the community rec center to practice. There he meets Angela, an out of work nurse, ex-college basketball star, and hires her as his coach.

He’s keeping secrets from his wife and life partner Pam. His daughter Amy is dragging him around through the horrors of a mall shopping-for-sports-fashions trip. His co-worker Jason has him bungee jumping to allay fears and build confidence. Angela is working him hard—but is it hard enough?

Another cleverly written, tight paced, humorous, insiders look at Las Vegas and its unique lifestyle, with those little literary tidbits that move Brian Rouff’s work into the excellent read category. Brian Rouff’s “MONEY SHOT” is a pick it up, can’t put it down, any readers delight.

Reviewed by Charlene Austin

Submitted by Charlene Austin, posted on Saturday March 12, @08:37PM

Re: MONEY SHOT By: Brian Rouff

Brian Rouff has succeeded in capturing the essence of life in the city of Las Vegas. Money Shot chronicles the unique experience of hoop-dream fortunes gained and lost in a city that all the locals know eventually sleeps.
Money Shot points out the mediocrity of life as a corporate executive in a refreshingly real look at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I jammed throught this book in a few hours, forsaking other worldly pleasures to find out what happens next. I was not disappointed, other than the fact that I realized I've lived in Vegas 25 years too long!

by R. Fisher on Sunday July 10, @02:51AM

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