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Dead Broke - Audrey Wilson Mystery Series

A serial killer is on the loose in Rosemont, preying on the children of single women. As more children fall victim to this homicidal maniac financial planner Audrey Wilson realizes that the mothers of the decedents are her clients. She also determines that the children are insured through Pacifico Assurance, a company founded by drug-lord turned businessman Pharaoh Dobson. Audrey feels there is a link and begins to sift through the clues that will bring the killer to justice.

As Audrey puts together the pieces a startling picture begins to take shape. She races against the clock to alert authorities before she becomes the killer's next victim.

Dead Broke is the culmination of the exciting, award winning Audrey Wilson Mystery Series. This fast-paced novel of suspense is the best in the series. You will never guess whodunit! A must have for mystery lovers.

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Submitted by CMMiller, posted on Thursday May 12, @07:01PM

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