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New Book - NO WORDS

No Words, a non-fiction work written by Renee’ Kimberling, details the tragic story of Janet and Tom Rosko. In February of 1994, their daughter Jill, a college junior, was returning from a nursing clinical and died in a car crash with two other nursing students. Five years later their son Jeff, also a college junior, was killed as he was standing in a video store and a van driven by a nine-year-old girl crashed through the window, running him down.

The Roskos tell their remarkable story of loss and ultimate survival in the hopes of helping others deal with grief and loss. The book has been well received and reviews have been outstanding. Their story is also unique in that it explores grief from two different perspectives - that of Tom and also of Janet. Do mothers and fathers handle loss differently? Results were surprising.

The Kingston Review states, "Renee Kimberling provides an insightful look into personal discovery and intrigue. Amazing story of revelation and human drama." Ms. Kimberling "is a fresh new writer who writes with passion and drama" according to Bell Express and Outlook. Four Lanes and Lloyd Express writes, "A good read, but incredible. It is truly amazing what people have the ability to do."

The book is published by GMA Publishing/Milo House Press and distributed by Ingram Book Group, retailing for $15.00. It is also available on For more information, contact the author at

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