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A summer reading suggestion...

I thought I'd suggest my novel ? Choices for your summer reading list. The story explores the life decisions of two brothers and the unexpected curves that challenge their convictions as they grow. One brother believes money is the road to follow, the other chooses creativity. The ensuing Mr. Wall Street/Renaissance Man dynamic gives a whole new meaning to “sibling rivalry” as the brothers mature from their teenage years into adulthood. In the process, a major tragedy shakes the core of everything they believe, leaving them to question their choices in the midst of their most formative years.

On a broader scale, ? Choices is about the paths we decide to follow and the unexpected roadblocks that challenge us along the way. Because of its universal appeal, the novel has drawn a vast reading audience including teachers, parents, students, young adults and even seniors. ? Choices has been a bestseller at Borders Books & Music locations throughout Colorado and has been featured on Denver's ABC and NBC news affiliates. If you're interested in considering ? Choices for your summer reading, you can visit the book's website at You can also watch my author interview at www.9news/weeekends. Scroll down to the story “? Choices a best selling novel” and click on the camera icon. Thanks for giving this one a look!


John Parisi
Author of ? Choices

? Choices website:

? Choices TV interview link:
www.9news/weekends (scroll down to “? Choices A best selling novel”)

Submitted by John Parisi, posted on Monday June 06, @05:48PM

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