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Fergus The Soccer Playing Colt

"Fergus The Soccer Playing Colt" is a delightful story for boys, and girls that love animals, aged 9 - 13. Written in a witty, tongue-in-cheek manner, this book celebrates sports (soccer and horses) and inspires kids to embrace their own unique talents, whatever those may be.

Multicultural and colorful characters emmerge as Fergus, a unique palomino colt bred to play polo, finds his talents as a soccer goalkeeper. Immediate fame comes on Fergus's nationwide tour to promote soccer in the United States, but not without peril. The greedy designs of a modern western outlaw and his colorful sidekicks lend humor, suspense, and cowboy mystique, as Fergus is "horse-napped" and forlorn. His confidence is restored as he finds an unlikely friend in a dog named Bouncer, showing that even in times of desperation companionship can work wonders. With winds of coinsidence or providence blowing, Fergus provides an example of how furtune and luck come to play in everyday lives. --Rating: 5 Stars-- An excellent read.

Submitted by Tristan Mihm, posted on Tuesday July 05, @06:53AM

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