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Does the size of a book matter to you?

As an MA student of the London College of Communication trying to establish a useful hypothesis for her final dissertation, I am writing to you with the hope that you might give me your book club's insights.

Having decided to examine the field of fiction paperbacks in the UK, I am trying to answer the eternal question: Does size matter?

Indeed, the thirst for gadgets that are becoming smaller and smaller, the increase in travellers across the world, as well as the gradual eradication of illiteracy in places such as Africa, make me wonder whether a smaller, cheaper paperback would not be an enviable idea. Indeed, doesn't the decreasing shelf space in bookshops also point in that direction?

I also understand that the mass-market “A” format is esteemed to be lowbrow, whereas the trade paperback “B” format is seen as more literary and of higher quality. To what extent can these trends be reversed, if at all, and is it in the publisher’s interest to produce smaller, cheaper volumes?

Is the new US Penguin Premium format an indication of what the future of the paperback in the UK might be?

I would be extremely grateful if you could inform me as to what your group of readers (indeed the most important voice of all in this regard!) think about this topic.

I thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Respectfully yours,

Jessica Morris

Submitted by Jessica Morris, posted on Wednesday July 13, @04:19PM

Re: Does the size of a book matter to you?

Hi - I am doing some research into book size in terms of the development of an ebook reading product - can you drop me a line perhaps I'd like to read your dissertation.

Lon dot Barfield at gmail dot com

by Lon Barfield on Thursday October 18, @05:03AM

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