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Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

“A web of tales, all set in Blackbird House.” The stories, set in a farm on Cape Cod, start in the time of the American Revolution and go on from there, all about different owners of the Blackbird House, their loves, lives and misfortunes. Alice Hoffman has a wonderful imagination, and all sorts of “magical reality” is thrown in. I wasn’t too spell bound, but this would make a nice easy read at the beach, or in our case, a terribly rainy day.

Submitted by Sharron O., posted on Thursday September 29, @11:48AM

Re: Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

Thank you for the review. This sounds like something I would like. I will have to watch for it. I love historical fiction.

by Belle046 on Sunday October 02, @02:24PM

Re: Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

i read this book four times and loved it so much fourteen and i absolutly feel in love with the characters...they rock....i suggest you read it.

by Roslyn on Sunday August 20, @12:48PM

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