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Who Does Iwamura Ken (Chairman) Portray in Real Life?

I find the description of Iwamura Ken (the chairman) very similar to the real life of a great entrepreneur... who is none other than Mr. Konosuke Matsushita! Having worked in the company for three years, I came across a little bit of his background. As soon as i've finished reading the second page of Chapter 18, I searched the internet for more info and was all the more certain that the description was in fact about him except for the age and the years that differed by plus or minus 1. The website below tells the background of Mr. Matsushita. I'm still in great shock as no one else has brought this up! At this point, I'm glad that this is in fact a fiction and none of the content in the novel is true except for the historical background as I very much respect Mr Matsushita. However, I am very much saddened by the fact that he is being used by the author who, so much confuses us into believing it is based on a true story (in his translator's note). I hope the fans of Mr. Konosuke Matsushita and those who also realised this will not be fooled. I have yet to finish the book and am very anxious in finding out what more is written about him as well as between him and Sayuri. I would also like to know whether or not there is an infringement caused by the author?

Submitted by Aquaries21, posted on Tuesday December 20, @12:42AM

Re: Who Does Iwamura Ken (Chairman) Portray in Real Life?

see the above link for a photo of "chairman", aka Ken Iwamura, aka true name Konosuke Matsushita . The dvd of the movie is out as of today. i've read the book in it's entirity myself three times now. It is very intersting,,see also the book "Geisha, A Life", by Mineko Iwasaki...Personally i found THAT book a bit abbrasive, but intersting..Yes there is a lawsuit going on regarding a story of geisha, but it is of "Geisha A Life", not "Memoires of a Geisha" this book, she even mentions the author of the book Memoires of a Geisha, (in a very disparaging way).

by dorei jewl on Tuesday March 28, @06:27PM

Re: Who Does Iwamura Ken (Chairman) Portray in Real Life?

more photos of afore mentioned...

by dorei jewl on Tuesday March 28, @06:29PM

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