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Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley

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Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley


Jane Smiley is back! Just loved this book, would definitely buy it. Actually need to read again, at 561 pages and so many characters (including all the horses and the dog Eileen) there is a list at the front. She has everyone - 2 or 4 legged - up to interesting good or no good, and saying all sorts of very funny or worldly wisdom. Of course it is not really about horses, it is about life, and you would love observations like this from Limitless, after his first big win, on going home “And so he recognized the ranch as a place where he was happy, or at least almost entirely in the state of relief that comes from doing all the time what it is that you aim to do.” ---Sharron D.

Submitted by Sharron D., posted on Sunday April 02, @12:16PM

The Unteachable Ignorance of the Red States

Ms. Smiley's assessment of the red states is wrong. The article should have been titled, "The unteachable ignorance of liberal Democrats". They still don't get it after 10 years. We're tired of having liberal ideologies rammed down our throats. We're sick of the arrogance and condescencion liberal Dems show towards anyone who doesn't live on the periphery of America. We're tired of the hate spewed out towards anyone who doesn't agree with the far-left liberal ideologies they espouse. No, Ms. Smiley, the ignorance label fits squarely on the foreheads of liberal Dems in this country. It would be wise to listen to the rural conservatives in this country. We're not going to take your crap any longer.

by G. Westbrook on Sunday April 02, @12:18PM

Re: Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley

I loved it when I read smiley's rantings against the Republicans. In one section, she said we cannot be lead - which is right. We think for ourselves, we DON't need people attempting to think for us.

We believe all people should be given a fair change to rise or FAIL in this world. If a person rises it is good, but if a person FAILS at LEAST it shows that person had the balls to try - rather than whine.

For years the Republicans would say nothing about the verbal attacks against us. We were childed by the loonly left as the Religous Right and other names. Finally we had enough and attacked and we attacked hard. The Party of Death was agast when they found themselves on the receiving end rather than dishing it out.

Yes we pray - and smiley should also pray. Prayer is nothing more than talking to God. If she does not believe in God, she shall - when she dies.

So as kerry's wife called us idots, these are the idots who thought for ourselves and did not have anyone to lead us. America is for the individual who stands up for right, not for a person to hide behind the masses.


Semper Fi

The Snake who Prays.

by Snake on Sunday April 02, @12:19PM

Re: Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley

I dont believe your actually impressed by smileys unbelievably poor attempts to write novels. I have previously read 'A Thousnd Acres' and after fighting the uge to slit my own wrists I managed to burn the book as Im sure she would burn her bra! Im not sexist myself but heck anyone would think that men are demons with the sole purpose in life to cause misery in people's life. Heres a tip for you smiley get a real job or at least write a decent book that wont offend the male area of the population and bore the majority of female population that have nothing against men, if you ask me your the sexist one!

by Liam on Sunday April 02, @12:20PM

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