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MY LAST REMAINS -nonfiction,riveting

This was written by a U /WA member about her life growing up with mentally ill parents, in a world where nothing makes sense. When she tries to get help from social services, things get twisted. Below is the editorial review of her riveting, nonfiction book.
Book: MY LAST REMAINS Author: Jill (uses 1st name)
Publisher: Denlinger’s Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 0877 147728
Available on, U of WA BOOKSTORE, Also as an E-BOOK from publisher, or any bookstore through BACK ORDER.
About the Author
Because of the chaos in her childhood, Jill was told she would never graduate from high school. The legal age to leave home in Michigan was 16, and so at 16, her high school counselor suspended her from school and told her to go out, get a job and leave home. He refused to allow her to take the SAT exams. He said it was a waste of time because she would never graduate from high school. Jill's grade average was D-. She had no money and no where to go.

Jill did finish high school, college, and went on to graduate school. In fact, she spent several years working for a major university. Since leaving the chaos of her family, she has lived in such diverse places as California and Iran! She was in Iran as the revolution was about to occur and had to flee. She ended up in Seattle where she currently writes text books.

Book Description
What happens to children of the mentally ill? While parents may seek treatment for their psychological imbalances, what happens to the children at home, behind closed doors?

My Last Remains is a powerful and haunting true story of a child struggling to survive in a family of madness. Written from the child-observer perspective, it takes the reader behind the closed doors and inside the rooms where trappings of normalcy are discarded.

This child's-eye view grips readers like a twisted Diary of Anne Frank. It holds them breathless waiting for a rescue that never comes. Instead of rescue they journey through desperate attempts for help and finally witness the gentle emergence of a young woman finding her own wings of freedom.

My Last Remains lets readers experience the emotion and confusion of trying to make sense of the incomprehensible. It reveals, in a way no textbook could, the fearful reality of living with madness. By its sheer innocent brutality, this book makes the case for well-trained, competent and compassionate children's counselors and agencies. With 3.1 million abused and neglected children in the U.S. each year, there is obviously much more we can do.

Submitted by Linda Fremont, posted on Sunday April 02, @04:48PM

Re: MY LAST REMAINS -nonfiction,riveting

haven't read this book, just found it. Why is it not on Amazon where I looked for book about this subject? I have written a similar book and wanted to see if anyone like myself was out there.

by catrebello on Tuesday February 22, @11:18AM

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