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Anna's Book by Ruth Rendell

Anna's Book by Ruth Rendell

I've enjoyed several of Ruth Rendell's (aka Barbara Vine) books, because I always like a good mystery, but I don't like reading books that follow a "formula", and hers NEVER do! In "Anna's Book" you are slowly drawn into the past as Anna's granddaughter, Ann Eastbrook begins to piece together information from Anna's diary, written at the turn of the century shortly after her immigration to America. Ann also has access to transcripts involving a grisly murder and a missing child, and she realizes that her grandmother has made some very subtle references in her diary to the people involved. When the pages of some crucial dates are discovered to be missing from the diary, Ann is compelled to discover the truth. Interwoven through the story is also the story of Swanny, and her quest to discover her true identity. Is it possible that she was the missing child? You will find yourself wondering this throughout the book, by the end you feel like you just HAVE to know! ...I read this book all in one night just to find out!


Submitted by Sharon, posted on Wednesday April 12, @09:23AM

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