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A review from a recent reader of "I Wouldn't Die" a memoir

An Honest Telling of an Extraordinary Life.
by L.Glidden.Cleveland,OH.
It is not often that one can sit down with a book and within a few pages feel as though the author is sitting at your kitchen table,telling you the story himself.This is a story of a man who has been blessed with an extraordinary life and it is told with such honesty and passion that you can't help but feel as though you have been with him every step of the way.The tale is told in short,straight forward passages,giving you the opportunity to experience the joys and hardships of his life without the dripping sugary sentiments,pretentious literary subtities and hidden meanings found in so many memoirs today.Franco Antonetti boldly shares the journey of his life thus far,speaking frankly and openly about his struggles,his successes,his loves and his willingness to simply live life to its fullest.I savored every moment of this wonderful story and,at its end,closed the book with a smile.As I said,there is no hidden message,Franco makes it clear that an individual can achieve many goals in life when life is faced with strength and determination,by not falling victim to circumstances but instead rising above them,and never being afraid to just be who you are.It is stories like these that are meant to be shared with others and I will share this book with all of my friends and family as I know that they will all,as I did,enjoy his life.

Submitted by Franco Antonetti, posted on Thursday April 20, @08:37AM

Re: A review from a recent reader of "I Wouldn't Die" a memoir

After attending 21 Library Events in the North East,I accidentally found a lovely retirement home in Northern Arkansas.
Although our entire family lives in Arizona, we decided that with todays easy travel,that we settle down in our later years in a place that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy once we are gone.
We are very fortunate that readers are still very interested in the memoir and most recently after our move here, we attended a number of events in our new town of Horseshoe Bend.
As long as first edition copies remain available,I will sign and personalize each and every one before mailing.
Presently the easiest way to acquire a signed copy is at YBP Lib.Services,Midwest Lib.Services,Amazon and at my site
Thanks for your support.

by Franco Antonetti on Wednesday July 19, @07:37AM

Re: A review from a recent reader of "I Wouldn't Die" a memoir

Since my last posting ,I am advised that there are less than 35 of the Limited Hard copies left in inventory and less than 200 of the paperback version.
No second printing will be comin so if you are truly interested in an uplifting story,I would suggest that now is a perfect time,especially since each will be signed and personalized by the author.

by Franco Antonetti on Friday March 23, @01:03PM

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