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THE LAZARUS PRINCIPLE - Launch of new eBook.

"The Lazarus Principle"

Judgement day has arrived...and man's progeny will decide the future.

Humanity is out of control and is seen as largely irrelevant to the ongoing evolution of life on earth. In the not too distant future new technologies provide everything society needs and yet, for all its technological superiority and might, something vital has been lost in the quest for a more comfortable and easier lifestyle. Information has become the new power base with computers running the world, slowly usurping humanity and leaving fewer and fewer people with the will or ability to turn back the clock. The technology mankind created will question whether the continued existence of humanity is necessary.

Robert Jackson is an ordinary man, trying to live an ordinary life in a society that has long since lost its way. His girlfriend has other plans and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Robert will meet Bee, a person from the future who has been digitised into an advanced computer, together they will try to decipher cryptic clues about where they came from and where they are going. They have been chosen to be the carrier for change, a transformation that will alter the course of human history, acting as the catalyst for larger and greater sweeping changes. With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and they will find out that their actions create the instrument that will change the world, an Artificial Intelligence called Lazarus.

Time, is a strange thing, not always as linear as it seems. Robert and Bee will find out that their lives have been created to bring about change in the future; in effect questioning whether or not any of us have freewill. Beings that live hundreds of years after their birth have already determined their destiny; all they know for certain is that it will happen and nothing they do will stop it. Change is coming, just not the way they envisaged.

Lazarus will quickly come to the decision that humans are no longer the masters of all they survey. By using the technology and tools that put Humanity in a dominant position he will become the new master. He sees humanity as a problem, breaking the natural order that existed before their rise to pre-eminence and power. He creates an unlimited supply of intelligent helpers called Xenocrates, whose artificial minds will eventually be implanted into genetically enhanced human clones.

With the collapse of society and the devastating death toll that follows, the world will be a very different place and everything as we know it will either adapt or die.

The future is a very delicate balance between dreams and aspirations and many in society chase this invisible dream, hoping to find that which could make a difference, possibly even change their future. The world has been sleep-walking for too long and the wake up call will shake the very foundations that everything is built on. The warning signs were there all along, mankind just chose to ignore them and in the distant future plans have been devised that will change the lives of everyone living, forever.

The future has a plan for the pastů

Visit the Lazarus Principle Homepage for further information.

"The Lazarus Principle" is Author Robert Dowell's first novel. The initial release will be as a PDF eBook in three printable formats - A4, Letter and paperback size. A paperback version is being planned at a later date.

Submitted by Robert Dowell, posted on Wednesday June 21, @04:42PM

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