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Anyone read The Uglies?

I am a teenager who LOVES to read. I have just finished a trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. The three books in it are The Uglies, The Pretties, and the Specials. It's very complicated to explain, but once you read it, its really very simple. Basically its set in the future, where everyone is considered an "ugly" until they turn 16, when they then have an operation that makes them beautiful. They are moved to New Pretty Town, where their only worry is to party.
An ugly named Tally is blackmailed (they told her she couldnt become pretty) by the Specials(a terrifying but beautiful group of people with speedy reactions who control the town) to follow her friend Shay and the other runaways to a place called the Smoke. This place consists of kids trying to escape the operation. To make a long story short (well, shorter) Tally learns something about the operation that totally changes her perception of her town.

I'm sorry I've made this so long, but i just wanted people to know how incredible these books are. They are by far my favorite.

Heres the authors website

Submitted by Katelyn, posted on Sunday July 09, @06:29PM

Re: Anyone read The Uglies?

YES! I thought they were pretty good too. but I still haven't read The Specials. if you like teenage fantasy fiction I would sincerely recommend 'A Great and Terrible Beauty' by Libba Bray (set in the past, not future, but one of my favourites by far) or 'Hollow Kingdom' by Clare B. Dunkle. Another favourite.
happy reading!
- a little bug

by a little bug on Monday August 13, @05:54PM

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