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A question about Memoirs of a Geisha

I've been reading Memoirs of a Geisha, and I've just passed the part where Sayuri is adopted by Mother.

Now I'm sure this must be mentioned somewhere earlier in the book, but I can't remember why it is that Hatsumomo isn't adopted and therefore will not one day inherit the okiya.

Does anyone remember?

Submitted by Neil, posted on Tuesday August 15, @01:32AM

Re: A question about Memoirs of a Geisha

Come on! Someone must! You've all spent enough time discussing how beautiful it is, and whether it's a true story or not!

by Neil on Wednesday August 16, @06:27AM

Re: A question about Memoirs of a Geisha

she isnt adopted because it would be 'like letting the tiger out of the cage'. Hatsumomo already treats everyone badly although she is in mothers debt, if she were to be adopted she would have full reign. this would also occur if pumpkin were to be adopted.

by Rachel on Saturday January 13, @03:59AM

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