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Dark Birthright, a 17th century tale from Scotland's mystic shores

Dark Birthright is the first book in a trilogy set in 17th century Scotland.

Its 1619 in Scotland, a time of intolerance, when Catholics and Protestants disagree and healers are hanged as witches. A child born of mysterious parentage is given to fisher folk to raise as their son. Dughall grows up in a family bound by love and morality, becomes a healer, and displays psychic abilities. His life is torn apart when hes claimed by his real father, a cruel and powerful lord who tries to mold him in his image. Dughall must define himself, in the midst of a struggle between an Earl, a Duke, and the family who wants him back. All the while, hes determined to marry the lass he left behind, a woodland priestess with eyes as green as a peacock's feather. "Dark Birthright" is a story reflecting the political, religious, and cultural dynamics of 17th century Scotland. It paints a picture of life in the Highlands, as well as the fisher folk and a village of witches worshipping the Goddess. Well-known fantasy artist Jane Starr Weils beautifully illustrated this novel with 18 sketches. You can see some of her sketches and read about it online by going to the web site listed at the end of this post. Books can be ordered on the web site, from,, or by special order from your bookstore. Visit us on the web at Dark Birthright

Submitted by Jeanne Treat, posted on Wednesday October 25, @12:35PM

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