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Rarity from the Hollow gets Blasted

I'm giving up the writing life, and will retire to reading.

I really screwed up. Some of you know that my novel, Rarity from the Hollow, has received great reviews, and that author proceeds are donated to prevent child abuse. Well, anyway, I went to this newsgroup to tell them about my novel winning a 2006 competition for one of the best published. The people there started an argument about whether I had the right to tell them about my novel -- they called my post spam. The argument lasted a long time.

Apparently, emotions got charged -- not mine, as I was having fun and thought it was all a philosophical debate about what is or isn't spam -- and then some of the newsgroup members who have never read by novel posted insults about me and it on the Mobipocket site -- one of the two places selling it. One of them even posted the directions on the newsgroup for posting reader book reviews on Mobipocket, but instead called me names and pretended that they had read the novel. I could tell that they hadn't because none of the posts included any info except from blurbs that other authors had written or from the professional reviews. It has caused a five star rating to drop to three already.

I should have stopped my obsession with self-promotion. I feel especially bad about my mistakes on behalf of the abused kids that I work with in my treatment program.

Robert Eggleton
"Rarity from the Hollow"

Submitted by robert eggleton, posted on Monday January 15, @05:09PM

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