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Modern-Day Fantasy, Superhero Romance - New Novel From NAL/Penguin

Super Mom Saves The World debuted this month...this sequel to Confessions of Super Mom (NAL/Penguin, 2006) is leading-edge women's fiction that is part urban fantasy, part satirical humor and all warmth.
The Super Mom novels have received great reviews:
"(Super Mom Saves The World)...provides a welcome break from the proliferation of urban mommy books. For those who rely on Fresh Direct and nannies to run a household, this will read like a foreign text. The women in Hauser's world clean their own toilets, volunteer for the PTA and bake a mean tuna casserole."     - Kirkus Reviews
"Like its title character, this debut novel has a secret's unexpectedly poignant and packs an emotional punch despite the cheery veneer..."      - Publishers Weekly
Hear in the author's own voice how a Horrible Swiffer Accident gave the world its latest super hero =>
Melanie Lynne Hauser is a delightful personality and loves to meet with book clubs...schedule by visiting her website,
What the blogging community is saying about Super Mom Saves The World :
Confessions of Super Mom - ISBN 0-451-21856-6
Super Mom Saves The World - ISBN 0-451-22036-6

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